McThoughts | Deschambault National | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Summer Denzler

250 Podium: Joey Crown, Jess Pettis, Dylan Wright. | Summer Denzler photo

What a season we are having in the 250 class. Who would have thought that we would be heading into the final weekend with 3 points separating the top 2 title contenders? It has actually been great racing all season. The top 10 has some serious talent. We have some old faces, young faces, and new faces which really mixed it up well and was great for the fans.

Here are the results from Deschambault and my Thoughts. Also, a quick “Get well SOON” to Hayden Halstead who had a big get off on the 130-foot table to single.

#335 Joey Crown.

1st Joey Crown 3-1: Quiet, calm and very efficient. Joey has really put it together as of late. Imagine if he came into the series healthy?…wow. He has been on a tear and I really think the fact that he is racing in the US on his off weekends is helping him. He is on a great team and great bike and he now only sits 3 points behind the leader Jess Pettis with 2 motos to go, on most arguably his best track of the series. The fans are in for a great Walton!

#15 Jess Pettis.

2nd Jess Pettis 2-3: Jess was pretty bummed with his 2nd overall. That’s how bad this guy wants to win. He had a huge practice crash early in the week, but he showed some serious heart just to go racing. His starts hurt him a bit, but Jess also rides Walton very well. Wait, Jess has ridden every track very well, and has not shown any real weaknesses.

#12 Dylan Wright.

3rd Dylan Wright 1-5: Dylan was scrubbing real hard in practice, so we knew he was going to ride well. The intensity is never lacking with Dylan, no matter where or when he lines up. Sometimes, I wish he would back it down a tad and ride safe, but then I say, “F it,” because his style is to hang it out.

4th Tanner Ward 4-2: This was the weekend Tanner needed. He has been learning from Kaven Benoit, and it is really paying off. Great starts and two great rides from Tanner.

#33 Chris Fortier.

5th Christopher Fortier 7-4: What a 2nd moto for Fortier! He got  a great start and ran 3rd for quite a while. Chris looked very good at that pace and very comfortable. He rides the 2-stroke well. I am curious to see why the switch, as I felt he rode the 250f well too. Very excited to see what he will do at Walton with this new added confidence.

#66 Marco Cannella.

6th Marco Cannella 5-6: Marco has been super-consistent all year long. He rides smart and smooth for a rookie. I would like to see a holeshot and see what the rookie can do in that top group with Pettis and Crown. He is having a very good season. Maybe I would like to seem him hang it out just a tad for the final round.

#1 Shawn Maffenbeier.

7th Shawn Maffenbeier 6-7: I feel for Shawn on this one. We had a pretty good chat Sunday morning and Shawn knows that he has to hang it out a little and that the time for riding smart and safe is gone. Shawn got out front and it looked like it was going to be a great day. Unfortunately, he hit the ground and had issues. He is now in a big hole going into the final round.

Gabe Gutierres.

8th Gabe Gutierres 9-8: I do not know anything about Gabe, at all. He has some pretty good style and looked very good on the French soil. Two solid rides and he walks away with an 8th overall.

#527 Jake Tricco.

9th Jake Tricco 11-9: This kid is for real! No drama, no BS. Jake just goes out and gets it done. He is not like most rookies. It is very rare to see him out of control. He came from way back in one moto and showed he has heart to go with the rest of the package.

#49 Kein Denzler.

10th Kein Denzler 14-11: This is my first time this season seeing Kein. He looked solid. 14-11 for 10th is a bit of a gift, but he rode a gnarly rough track well and got himself a nice top 10 finish.

Biggest Stud: Tanner Ward is my stud. Most people would crumble, not to mention a poor rookie. Tanner has heart and he does not understand the word quit. I still think he will be a champion one day.

Biggest Dud: I hate calling a Dud, especially a friend. This has nothing to do with his riding or performance, it is just a dud that it looks like Shawn Maffenbeier is out of the hunt for the title. I hope I am wrong like usual.

Biggest Surprise: No real surprise for me.

Dylan Wright wins MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: Dylan Wright! Dylan was on fire in Deschambault. His kit was that hot.

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