McThoughts | Deschambault National | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

450 podium: Phil Nicoletti, Mike Alessi, Colton Facciotti.

It’s crunch time in the 450 class. 2 motos left, and the 5-time champion Colton Facciotti is leading Mike Alessi by 14 points and Phil Nicoletti by 31.

Heading into Deschambault, like always, anything can happen. Mechanical failures, crashes, off days and troubles with pampers could all take a championship away from one rider and give it to another.

The racing was clean and it was pretty exciting not knowing who was going to win.

Here are the results and my thoughts.​ 

1st Phil Nicoletti 2-1: Phil looked great in both motos. I think he’s too busy being mad to get tired. It is a real bummer that he didn’t score points in moto 1 back at SDL, because he’d be right in this title fight. He works hard and has the skills to back it up. I think all he can do now is go out and do his best and worry about the big picture for him, which is the Triple Crown Championship which he leads Cole Thompson by 25 points.

2nd Mike Alessi 1-3: Mike, once again, qualified well and got both holeshots. He rode great and smart in moto 1 for the win. Moto 2 he was going well, but after Phil got by, it looked like he was favouring a leg. Anyways, he is doing what he needs to do and that is getting great starts and riding up front. Mike is a gamer and you can bet your ass that he’s planning on going to Walton and leading every lap possible in hopes of the title. ​It is doable. Bigger points leads have been lost.​ 

3rd Colton Facciotti 5-2: In my opinion, Colton is doing what Colton does​, and that is win championships. He’s riding up front, limiting the damage and staying out of trouble. But did you see him with 2 or 3 laps to go in moto 2? He came past the mechanics area and scrubbed the living hell out of the table and picked up a whole other gear. He was flying! I understand that he wants to retire, he’s earned it, but I want to be selfish and see him race a few more.​ 

4th Matt Goerke 3-8: Matt had kind of an off day compared to his standards. The poor guy has had very bad luck this season, and that has taken him out of this championship fight. He’s still a guy that can show up and give us a 1-1 performance on any track, so lets see what he does at Walton.​​ 

5th Ryan Dowd 6-5: Ryan gets better every time we see him. He rode strong and smart in Québec, and just proved to himself that he can do it. This was the weekend he needed to get the most dangerous ingredient of all…… confidence. Good job, Ryan.​​ 

6th Keylan Meston 10-4: Keylan looked a little like he was just riding around in moto1, I’m not really sure what happened, but what a moto 2! Keylan got a good start and rode to his true potential. He’s fit and has the skills to be up front, he just needed everything to come together like they did in moto 2. He’s a great guy and I’m very happy for him. I think/hope he has find a home for the ​next few seasons.​ 

7th Cade Clason 7-6: Cade’s starts make life so much harder ​on himself, but it also shows how much heart, fitness and speed he actually has. The poor guy had to pass 3/4 of the pack and eat sand the entire time. I’m pretty hard on him most of the time, but I do believe in his skills and think he’s having his best Canadian season yet.​ 

8th Bobby Piazza 8-9: Bobby was a nice addition to the series. The guy has had some solid rides down south, and instantly mixed it up in the top 10. I know he has ridden Walton in the past, so let’s hope he makes the trip and is back inside the top 10 giving us some great battles.​​ 

9th Chase Marquier 12-7: So-so moto 1 for Chase, but his 2nd moto was very good. He seemed to be battling with Piazza and Clason for quite some time. He’s been a great fit in the series and hopefully he comes back for 2020. Chase sits 11th in points with 144.​​ 

10th Jason Benny 11-10: I knew this was going to be the breakout ride for Benny. It wasn’t long ago that he was on the podium in the 250 class. He looked very good on the 450, and I think it’s the class for him.​​ 

Biggest Stud:​ Keylan Meston is my Stud. He works hard and was nice to see him rewarded after a great ride.​ 

Biggest Dud:​ The 450 class gets very watered down just outside of the top 10. Where are the decent 450 pros?

Biggest Surprise:​ Not really a surprise, just very cool to see John Dowd and Keith Johnson racing. Even cooler was Carl Vaillincourt and Mike Treadwell wrenching for them.​ 

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award:​ Keylan Meston moto 1. It was just his day.