McThoughts | Deschambault National | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Summer Denzler

How about this 450 class?! We have had weekends where 5-plus guys could win. That is pretty much unheard of. To be honest, we were really lucky this year to have such a stacked top 10. We have had some great talent over the years, but nothing like this.

In the past, there would be one, two, maybe 3 guys that could win, but it is a roll of the dice in 2018. The guys have raced hard and pretty clean for the most part and the racing has been great. Usually, one good moto for a guy followed by a not-so-good moto or weekend. Here are the results from the second-to-last round and my Thoughts.

#16 Cole Thompson.

1st Cole Thompson  2-2: Silky smooth and really putting it together lately. Cole has been quietly good all season, but now he is stepping up and showing everyone how bad he wants the 100g’s. This is one guy that can most definitely go 1-1 at Walton and steal a ton of points.

#45 Colton Facciotti.

2nd Colton Facciotti 6-1: Rough first moto for Colt, but, in true Colt fashion, he rebounded for moto 2 and got it done. He looks so damn good out there at times, it is almost like he is riding a different track. After he ties JSR‘s record of 5 championships, let’s hope he chases a 6th.

#26 Kaven Benoit.

3rd Kaven Benoit 1-6: Kaven looked great in moto 1, making some good passes and fighting hard all 30 minutes. In moto 2, he just took a little too long to get going and everybody was already too far out of reach. Considering how hurt he was coming into the season, I am still shocked with his results. Hard work pays off.

#5 Tyler Medaglia.

4th Tyler Medaglia 5-3: Speaking of hard work, Tyler is the poster boy. He has been getting good starts, and when he doesn’t, he will still fight his way to the front. A crowd favourite no matter where we go, let’s hope we see Tyler lining up against son Talon like John Dowd and Ryan Dowd. With Tyler, anything is possible.

#1 Matt Goerke.

5th Matt Goerke 4-4: Off day for Matt. He is putting in the effort, just seems to not be getting any good luck this season. I am sure he would like to go out with a 1-1 bang at Walton.

#90 Jacob Hayes.

6th Jacob Hayes 7-5: Very impressed with Hayes — good starts, fast qualifying times, and two good finishes. It is not easy to jump into a series this late, but Jacob is making it look easy.

#9 Cade Clason.

7th: Cade Clason 8-8: Clason had a rough day. He blew up another bike, hit his head, and was sick in his helmet, but had his best result of the season. I think the tall, lanky body will help him at Walton and hopefully he gets the top 5 he deserves.

#376 Chris Canning | Bigwave photo

8th Chris Canning 9-9: Two solid motos for Chris. I didn’t really see him battling much, but it looks like a very solid day in a very stacked top 10.

#46 Ryan Dowd.

9th Ryan Dowd 12-7: Decent moto 1, but a great moto 2. He looks way different than the rider we have seen in previous years. With a little more fitness and speed, he is a guy fighting for top 5’s.

#727 Dave Blanchet | DMX photo

10th Dave Blanchet 11-10: Career ride for Dave! He looked good and in control, which sometimes isn’t his style. Very impressed with the crazy Frenchman.

Biggest Stud: Jacob Hayes is my stud. Hey, team managers… this is a guy that can win AX, battle top 5 or better in MX, and no doubt will be up front in SX. Why hasn’t anyone signed him for 2019 yet blows my mind.

Biggest Dud: My dud is nothing personal, it is a safety issue. We have riders that couldn’t top 5 Junior riding the 450 Pro class. This is not a Pro/Am class. Whatever happened to getting points and moving up? There are a few guys in the back that are 30-40 seconds or even more a lap off of the pace. That is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Biggest Surprise: Dave Blanchet. The guy was really really good.

Kaven Benoit gets MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: Kaven Benoit had a very nice clean look going, head to toe.

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