McThoughts | Detroit SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The 250 East has been very good so far this season. But Detroit, well, that was just a plain old Barn Burner. What a race! The only thing I think I could complain about would have to be how the 250 riders don’t always pass clean. It looks like they always want a little contact or that they wouldn’t be upset if they took a front wheel out while taking the lead. I hope they get it out of their systems because that shit won’t fly when they hit the big boy class.

We had a few different leaders and it was honestly a crazy main event. Zach Osborne went in with a decent size points lead and left down quite a few and in 3rd place in the standings. The slick Detroit track and nasty sand section claimed many riders and made for some exciting racing. Here are the results and my thoughts:


250 East Detroit

250 Podium: Jordan Smith, Joey Savatgy, Adam Cianciarulo | Spikman photo


1st Jordon Smith: Did anyone officially call Jordon for the win in Detroit? You know what? Read the Frid’eh Update and you will see that I did! He has been a different rider this season and he looks good. The kid has balls, but now he has some maturity to go with him. He has been getting really good starts all season, and when was the last time that a guy won the LCQ then the main. Ya… it was Ivan Tedesco, and that was ages ago.

#44 Jordan Smith | Spikman photo


2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey didn’t get the win, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. It looked like he had it at one point, then it looked like he had totally lost it when he went down. Doesn’t matter now, as he is our new points leader with 124 points.

#17 Joey Savatgy | Spikman photo


3rd Adam Cianciarulo: Adam rode well, considering he slid out. His starts have been solid, and his speed and fitness are very good. He wants wins and I think he will get another one soon.

#36 Adam Cianciarulo | Spikman photo


4th Dylan Ferrandis: Dylan needs a little more fitness. The guy is fearless and he goes for it, but he just can’t keep it up. He still looks a little out of control at times, but he’s still doing great in his rookie season. Dylan sits 5th with 86 points.

#108 Dylan Ferrandis | Spikman photo


5th Kyle Cunningham: This was Kyle’s best ride in a very long time. He got caught up in that crazy first turn pileup, and still managed an awesome ride back to 5th. The JGR fill in guys have been great so far this season in both classes.

#42 Kyle Cunningham | Spikman photo


6th Mitchell Harrison: Great ride from the rookie. He looked to be attacking the track right from the very first lap of free practice. If he can keep up the intensity, and results, I think the team should keep him for at least another season.

#45 Mitchell Harrison | Spikman photo


7th Christian Craig: Christian was awarded last gate pick after his cheap shot on Alex Martin in qualifying. He was also involved in the first turn chaos, but had a solid ride to 7th. What exactly is going on with Christian this season?

#48 Christian Craig | Spikman photo


8th Gannon Audette: You know what you are going to get with Gannon Audette. He’s a hard working, no bullshit kind of guy. 5th off of the start, went backwards a little, but still a very solid ride. Gannon is 13th in points with 40.

#54 Gannon Audette | Spikman photo


9th Anthony Rodriguez: A-Rod hasn’t been using that crazy speed he possesses. I like that he is on 2 wheels, but he needs to pick up the speed and still continue to stay upright. He currently sits 9th in points with 58.

#49 Anthony Rodriguez | Spikman photo


10th Luke Renzland: Terrible start for Luke. Good ride to make it back to 10th. He is now 7th in points with 61.

#50 Luke Renzland | Bigwave photo


Biggest Stud: Jordon Smith is my stud. He had to win the LCQ to even make it into the main. Most young guys would have crashed out after losing the lead, or settle. He fought back and made it happen.


Biggest Dud: Christian Craig is my dud. His intentional takeout move on Alex Martin early on in qualifying was absolutely disgusting. He admitted his guilt in his apology, but it was a classless move and I think the punishment to was way too little.


Biggest Surprise: I really didn’t expect an 18th from Zach Osborne. I predicted he would have troubles, but I thought he’d at least find the top 5. 


MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: I’m a big fan of the Fox kits sported by Adam Cianciarulo and Joey Savatgy. It was very clean and very sleek. The Monster Bell Moto 9’s gave it just enough brightness. Very good looking!

AC wins MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award this week | Bigwave photo


Thanks for reading, see you in St Louis.