McThoughts | East Rutherford SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

On Saturday night, we were treated to a great 250 East SX race. It was the second-to-last round and it looked like Joey Savatgy was going to cruise to his first professional title. Well, this is SX, and anything can happen. Just when you think something is a given, it’s gone in an instant.

While riding comfortably in 2nd place, Savatgy went down and into another lane. Not the end of the world, but what happened next may feel like it if Savatgy loses this title. Instead of joining the race by entering right away at the safest spot, Joey skipped an entire section. He rejoined in 3rd position, and that is how he finished.

When it was all said and done at Met Life Stadium, it looked like Joey Savatgy was heading to Vegas leading Zach Osborne by 7 points, and Jordon Smith by 8. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and the AMA penalized Savatgy, sending him from 3rd place to eight place. That is a five position penalty and it certainly shook things up!

Here’s how the standings look going into the Vegas finale.


1st: Jordon Smith 160

2nd: Zach Osborne 159

3rd: Joey Savatgy 159


250 Class 

1st Zach Osborne: Zach came in looking like he had no realistic chance at the championship, so he did what racers do, and that was win. He looked fast, fit and aggressive, like always. I just wish Fly Racing would give him some new colour ways. His kit looks good, but it would be nice to see some crazy colours. Maybe Vegas?

#16 Zach Osborne | Bigwave photo


2nd Dylan Ferrandis: This guy is going to be hard to beat in 2018. He’s got speed and balls. His fitness will come, and he will be a bigger threat next season. I still think he looks a little out of control at times, but it seems to be working well. Heck of a rookie season for the Frenchman.


3rd Joey Savatgy: Joey looked like he could put it in cruise control and gain valuable points on the way to his first championship. Unfortunately, he made a big mistake, and then a huge mistake. After crashing into the tuff blocks, Joey, for some crazy reason, decided to join the race in the wrong lane and skip an entire section. Not a smart move by the veteran.

#17 Joey Savatgy | Bigwave photo


4th Jordon Smith: Jordon looked off in New Jersey. It looked like he just couldn’t get going and was off the pace. He wasn’t expected to be in this title picture leading into the season, but now that he is here, he needs to be a player every main event.


5th Adam Cianciarulo: Adam was under the weather and just didn’t have the full 15 minutes in him. He looked great in his heat race, but seemed to use all of his energy early on and couldn’t run the pace.

#36 Adam Cianciarulo | Tyler Spikman photo


6th Christian Craig: What is up with Christian Craig? Please tell me he is riding hurt or something. I feel bad bagging on the guy every week. I guess he has the HRC Honda ride to look forward to this summer. I’m willing to bet that we see Frederik Noren on that bike by Red Bud. Just saying…


7th Kyle Cunningham: Another great ride for Kyle. Imagine if this guy could actually start better than 15th. I’m still going to give him a hard time for being in the class too long, though.

#42 Kyle Cunningham | Tyler Spikman photo


8th Luke Renzland: I didn’t notice Renzland out there at all, but he sits 7th in points with 83.


9th Cameron McAdoo: The rookie looked good early on. His start was great, but he did go backwards a little bit. I’m sure Cameron put a lot of pressure on himself, and was pretty nervous.

#128 Cameron McAdoo | Bigwave photo


10th Anthony Rodriguez: Anthony started 10th, and finished 10th, that is all I have on Anthony Rodriguez.


Biggest Stud: Osborne is my stud. It was pretty much out of his control, so he went out and did the only thin he could, win!


Biggest Dud: Joey Savatgy is my Dud. I thought going into the season that Joey was going to be pretty much untouchable. He took Cooper Webb right to the final lap last season in Vegas and lost by only 1 point. He has made some rookie-like mistakes this season and may not get the title that he looked to have a lock on. Luckily for Joey, the AMA changed the move up rule just last week and he may have another kick at the can.

Dud = #17 Joey Savatgy | Bigwave photo


Biggest Surprise: I’m surprised that Savatgy thought it was ok to re-enter the race after skipping an entire section. Come on Joey, that could be your championship right there.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: The Geico pair of Craig and McAdoo looked best to me. Their LE Tech 10 Astar boots just flowed all of the way through their fresh Alias gear right up to their 6D Helmets.