McThoughts | Glendale Supercross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

250 Class


Like I have been saying all season, the 250 West Class is stacked and you can’t take a night off. The top group of racers in this class are all so close in speed, you need to get the start every weekend to put yourself in contention. Little mistakes cost you big, and you just can’t afford to have an off night. On any night there are 5-6 guys that could win, and many more that could land that final podium spot.

When the whoops are big, Aaron Plessinger shines and finds his way to the front, no matter what. Shane McElrath usually finds himself around the top 3 and looks to be playing the consistent card to capture the title. There will be no easy nights for anyone and Phoenix was no different.

Here are the results and my thoughts.

1st Aaron Plessinger: Aaron got a decent start and that is all he needed. He’s a beast in big whoops and his fitness looks great. With this win, Aaron takes over as the new points leader with 92 points, and I, personally, don’t mind him having fun and dancing. And for all of you hard asses out there, he gently put his bike down before celebrating.

#23 Aaron Plessinger. | Bigwave photo

2nd Shane McElrath: Shane is the Silent Assassin, he’s quietly very very good. He just goes out there and does his job. His start average is 1.7 and he has led the most laps in the class with 23. He’s second in points with 91, and he will be consistent and dangerous every weekend.


3rd Adam Cianciarulo: Starts are killing AC. As good as he is riding, he’s not going to be able to spot the top guys head starts every weekend. He figures out starts, he wins a few and gets back into title contention. Adam is currently 4th in points, and he trails the leader by 15 points.


4th Joey Savatgy: To me, Joey doesn’t look like he wants this championship. He was so very close last season and he’s already letting this get away. Rookie mistakes are for rookies. How many chances does he want? Joey lost his place as co-points leader and is now sitting 3rd with 87 points.

#17 Joey Savatgy. | Tyler Spikman photo

5th Chase Sexton: Great ride for Chase. This guy is riding very well for a rookie, he continues to impress every week. He has been getting very solid starts and making them count. Chase is now 6th in points, 1 point out of 5th with 69.


6th Bradley Taft: What a ride for Taft! Didn’t see much of him, but great ride for the youngster. Taft is now 10th in points with 51.


7th Justin Hill: 7th is a better finish for Hill, but we all know Hill should be fighting for wins. He says the bike is good, and it’s all on him. I respect that, but I want to see him in the mix. Justin is 8th in points with 58.


8th Mitchell Harrison: Poor start for Harrison, but he pushed hard all race and earned this 8th. His average start position is 14.0, which is awful. He needs to get the starts dialed and get closer to the top 5. Mitchell is 11th in points with 44.

#45 Mitchell Harrison | Spikman photo

9th Kyle Chisholm: Chizz got a great start and was around 5th. He went backwards, but that’s OK. He’s quite a bit older than these kids and top 10’s are respectable. Kyle is 9th in points with 53.


10th Christian Craig: All of the natural talent in the world, but just can’t put it together seems to sum up Craig the best. I feel like his style maybe isn’t meant for the “rev the piss out of your bike and balls to the wall” style of racing in the 250 class. I’m thinking the 450 class might be the answer. Christian sits 5th in points with 70.

Biggest Stud: Aaron Plessinger is my stud. He is hanging it out for this championship, and having fun doing it.


Biggest Dud: Joey Savatgy is my dud. Too many mistakes for Joey. He can’t let the title get away 2 years in a row.


Biggest Surprise: No real surprises for the 250 class in Phoenix.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: The Geico Honda pair of Craig and Sexton stood out to me. It was bright and colourful and something different.