McThoughts | Glendale Supercross | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

450 Class

We are 4 rounds into the 2018 season and we have had a bunch of surprises, a few injuries, and some pretty decent racing. Our top 3 preseason favourites have both gone down with injuries and they have both bounced back. Jason Anderson is our points leader and he looks to be stronger and more ready than ever.

Former 250 champion and former 450 race winner Justin Barcia has found some magic and has saved his career and, honestly, looks better than ever. There are still a few top racers that need to improve and figure it out soon before it’s too late.

The track was much better here in Phoenix than A2, so let’s take a look at the results and my thoughts.


1st Eli Tomac: Very impressive ride for Eli. It looked smooth and fast from start to finish. I don’t think many can challenge him when he gets the start, but unfortunately for Eli, he can’t get the start every time. He’s slowly digging himself out of a huge hole, but he’s way back in 10th with 53 points, 36 out of the lead.

#3 Eli Tomac. | Bigwave photo

2nd Justin Barcia: Justin Barcia and his 2018 rebirth is for real. His starts are great and he looks good on the Yamaha. He’s not riding like a pissed off teenager anymore and it is really working for him. It looked like he was reeling Eli in at the end, and he didn’t look to be tiring at all. Justin is 2nd in points with 80, just 9 out of the lead.


3rd Ken Roczen: Ken needs to start in the top 3. Tomac and Barcia got away early and Kenny just couldn’t real them in. He’s looking very good, but I honestly think that he is holding back a little. It is still early and there is no need to hang it all out yet for wins. I like that Ken is playing it smart. Ken is currently 3rd in points with 77.


4th Jason Anderson: What the heck happened to Jason early on? He started going backwards in a hurry and looked like a fish out of water. Ricky Carmichael always says that you win championships with your bad races. Well, this may be the race for Jason, as he dug deep and somehow got himself back up to 4th. El Hombre is still our points leader and red plate holder with 89 points.


5th Marvin Musquin: Much better ride for Marvin. I’d imagine that he is still a little tender. Marvin is a finesse type rider and with the bigger whoops he just doesn’t like to hang it out like some. It’s still early on in the series and Marvin is currently 9th in points with 54.


6th Weston Peick: I’m still super impressed with Weston. He’s getting great starts and racing and battling more and more each week with the top guys which is helping him improve. I still don’t think he is straight up better than anyone in front of him, but, with his heart and effort, he will keep beating some of these guys week in and week out. Weston is 4th in points with 71.

#34 Weston Peick. | Bigwave photo

7th Justin Brayton: I think this is a good ride and a good finish for Brayton. He’s riding great early on this season and sits 6th in points with 68.


8th Cooper Webb: Cooper was very average in Phoenix. Does he need a holeshot to turn things around? Well, we all know that the bike is capable. Let’s hope Cooper is on his way out of this funk. Webb is 11th in points with 52.


9th Blake Baggett: I had really high expectations for Blake coming into the season. He was crushing the whoops in the preseason, but he’s been looking very normal so far in 2018. I expect him to turn it around once we hit the East, and he will land on the box starting in Daytona. BB4 is 8th in points with 57.

#4 Blake Baggett. | Bigwave photo

10th Josh Grant: Solid ride for Josh, but I think he is still riding “safe” out there. I promise you that he still has that raw speed that use to wow us, he’s just thinking about staying healthy. Josh is 7th in points with 58.

Biggest Stud: I’ll give Tomac stud status this week. He rode flawless, and actually showed some serious emotion after the win. I like it, and I’m glad he’s feeling better and ready to take a run at this title.


Biggest Dud: I’m still crabby about the whole Triple Crown thing from last week. It takes me a while to get over things.


Biggest surprise: Anderson going backwards fast was a big surprise, but him regrouping mid race and getting back to 4th was even bigger. This could be the ride that saves the title down the stretch, very impressed!

#21 Jason Anderson.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: With all of the flash and crazy colour combos, I think Cole Seely and his TLD kit looked very clean and it was nice to see someone not in fluorescent.



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