McThoughts | Indianapolis SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

After Daytona, the 250 East looked like it was closing up. After Indy, it looks more and more clear that Zach Osborne is in complete control, and it’s his title to lose. Adam Cianciarulo came in all fired up, but it was quickly doused. I also believe with Joey Savatgy getting the lead and riding well only to have Osborne pass him straight up will hurt the #17’s confidence a lot.

The race was pretty entertaining, and the track held up well. There is a lot of great talent in the 250 East this season, but a few of the expected front-runners seem to be having some serious issues. Christian Craig has been off all season and Alex Martin is hot and cold. It would be nice if these two could figure things out and add a little more excitement before season’s end. Here are the results and my thoughts:

Indy 250 podium: Zach Osborne, Joey Savatgy, Jordan Smith.


1st Zach Osborne: Zach is pretty hot right now. Even when he had a bad race at Daytona, he still believed in his fitness and skill and hung it out to earn as many points as possible. He looked very confident and very calm in Indy and looks to be in complete control. It will most likely take a mechanical issue to derail this championship run.

#16 Zach Osborne


2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey looked good, but Osborne just looked a little better. To me, it just doesn’t seem like the same Joey that took Cooper Webb to the wire in last year’s West. I’d like to see Joey a little more fired up and maybe ride a little pissed off for a round.

#17 Joey Savatgy


3rd Jordon Smith: Jordon has looked to have figured things out this season and has been riding great. He’s always had the blazing speed, but this year the starts are on point, and he is on 2 wheels. He will win one soon.

#44 Jordan Smith | Tyler Spikman photo


4th Alex Martin: At times, Alex looks fantastic and in complete control, other times, he looks like he is just along for the ride. If he ever figures out the entire package, he should win a few races. He got lucky in the main and avoided serious injury when a tuff block saved him while flying through the air. Surprisingly, he only lost 1 spot.

#26 Alex Martin | Tyler Spikman photo


5th Adam Cianciarulo: AC came in fired up, and put a clean, aggressive move on Osborne on the first lap of the day. Well, Adam left the door open a few corners later and got parked. It looked like some damage was done to his knee, but fortunately he soldiered through the night. He looked a little off the pace, hence the 5th place finish.

#36 Adam Cianciarulo


6th Christian Craig: Something is off with Craig. I’m not sure if he’s still feeling the effects of that concussion that kept him out a round, but he should be right there with Osborne and Savatgy each and every time the gate drops. 

#48 Christian Craig


7th Dylan Ferrandis: I still can’t tell if it is Dylan’s style, or if he’s just out of control at times. He’s still new to SX, so he’s going to get much better. He currently sits 5th in points, quite a way back from the top 4 with 68 points.

#108 Dylan Ferrandis


8th Mitchell Harrison: I remember watching Harrison over the winter of 2013 when I was staying at GPF. This is a nice quiet kid with a ton of talent and speed. He was thrown to the wolves a little early, but he is starting to figure it out, and belongs in the top 10. He’s slowly sneaking close to the top 10 in points, and sits tied for 11th with 37 points.

#45 Mitchell Harrison


9th Anthony Rodriguez: A-Rod needs a start, and needs to run the leaders’ pace for a lap or two. Then he can head back and practice running that speed, until he’s ready to do it in race conditions. He seems fast and fit, he just needs to be both of those along with a little consistency.

#49 Anthony Rodriguez


10th Kyle Cunningham: Kyle had one heck of a ride from the back of the pack. He’s been a great pick up for the JGR guys. I just hate seeing 250 SX lifers.

#42 Kyle Cunningham


Biggest Stud: Osborne gets full stud status. He’s in a great spot right now, and he’s worked hard to get there.


Biggest Dud: The injury bug, we’ve already lost Colt Nichols, R.J. Hampshire and Chase Sexton.


Biggest Surprise: I was very surprised when I heard that MotoConcepts owner, Mike Genova, was giving up Cameron McAdoo to Geico Honda. I was even more surprised when I heard he acted as McAdoo’s agent and made sure the deal was for outdoors as well, and sx and mx for 2018. Very cool!

#128 Cameron McAdoo


Cole Thompson Watch: Cole had a great ride going until he had a scary incident. Let’s hope Tommy Gun comes out swinging in Detroit.

#72 Cole Thompson


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: The TLD KTM guys are once again the best looking kit. Troy just has a way with putting colours together.


Thanks for reading, see you in the Motor City.