McThoughts | Monster Energy Supercross | A1 – 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The 250 West riders took to the track and gave us the first heat race and first main event of 2018. Like always, this season’s West class is pretty stacked — we have guys who have numerous wins under their belts. There wasn’t much of a battle for the lead at round 1, but that’s not going to happen often. The racing will be tight and I’m sure we can expect a lot of banging and we will see many different winners. Here are the results and my thoughts.

250 West

1st Shane McElrath: I called Shane for this win. He’s sneaky good, and will be there every weekend. This guy has zero drama. He showed up, got the start and led every lap. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

#28 Shane McElrath. | Bigwave photo

2nd Aaron Plessinger: I think Aaron looked good in all night. He’s a big dude, so let’s hope for some gnarly whoops and maybe even a few ruts. He will be fighting for the podium and possibly wins all season long, by the way he looked at A1.


3rd Adam Cianciarulo: AC played it smart and rode conservative. He’s a smart kid and has been through hell with injuries. I think he rode well, and is still my championship pick.


4th Joey Savatgy: Joey didn’t look his best, but he did some serious damage control with a solid ride after a not-so-solid start. He needs to be winning and fighting for wins. He was given a gift when the rules allowed him to stay in the class. He needs to win this championship.

#17 Joey Savatgy. | Tyler Spikman photo

5th Christian Craig: I was a little disappointed in Craig going backwards. He didn’t want to ride the East last season and his results were poor. Well, he’s on the West this season and he got a great start and let it get away from him. He’s too talented not to be fighting for wins.


6th Mitchell Oldenburg: Oldenburg came around off the start in 13th and moved forward well. He looks good on the Yamaha and should be well inside the top 5 with a better start. He could even lead some laps. He has the intensity.

#52 Mitchell Oldenburg. | Bigwave photo

7th Justin Hill: Not the first round most were hoping for from the champ. That number one plate can be pretty heavy. Justin didn’t look bad, he just didn’t look like Justin Hill. He will be better at Round 2.


8th Chase Sexton: The rookie looked good battling with the champ. After he gets rid of the nerves and rookie jitters, this kid will be fighting for podiums.

#40 Chase Sexton. | Bigwave photo

9th Justin Cooper: Cooper made it to the main after winning the LCQ. He looked good in his first-ever SX, and he too will be fighting for podiums. It will be interesting to see, out of him and fellow rookie Sexton, who finishes the season higher in the standings. I’m calling Cooper.


10th Kyle Chisholm: Solid ride by a solid guy, but I still would rather see a vet like Chizz in the 450 class.

Biggest Stud: The ‘Quiet Assassin’ Shane McElrath is my stud. I don’t think A1 could have gone better for him. P.S. I called him for the win.. I’m on a roll.


Biggest Dud: He didn’t ride bad, but Justin Hill will be my Dud. I just think he didn’t look like himself.

#1 Justin Hill is this week’s Dud (and we need some new photos). | Bigwave photo


Biggest Surprise: Joey Savatgy surprised me. I thought he was going to be way better. Let’s hope Round 2 is different.


MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: I liked the look of the Star Racing Yamaha riders Plessinger, Oldenburg and Cooper. Clean but nice. (We’ll be sure to get photos by Oakland…)

Thanks for reading!