McThoughts | Monster Energy Supercross | Houston – 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

This season’s 250 West class has a lot of talent. If you don’t get a start, you can pretty much give up on any hope of a win. We haven’t had any super technical tracks yet, but Saturday night’s track rutted up, making it difficult for most.

When I say most, I mean everybody except #23 Aaron Plessinger. Plessinger came through the pack and used his long body to ride the ruts as if they weren’t even there. He actually made it look easy, and he threw down a post race celebration. I saw one former racer call him “the biggest douchebag in the AMA” because of it and I don’t really get it. He’s a really good guy and, personally, I’m just happy he’s not a list-reading robot like most, or bringing his kid up on the podium in the 250 regional class.

Anyway, great ride and celebrations by Aaron. Here are the results and my thoughts.

250 Class

1st Aaron Plessinger: Aaron didn’t get the best of starts, but that didn’t stop him one bit. He seems to have everyone covered in the soft rutty conditions, which had me wondering why he was on the West? He rode fantastic and was rewarded with the win and the points lead.

#23 Aaron Plessinger. | Bigwave photo

2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey looked good early on, but there was nobody stopping Plessinger on this night. Joey rode smart knowing he couldn’t match the leader’s speed and took a safe 2nd. He will head back to The Farm, still in the hunt, and make the needed improvements.


3rd Chase Sexton: Congrats to the rookie. He was setting some very fast laps back in 5th and 6th and was surprisingly patient early on. He was given some gifts in the main, but by no means is this a lucky ride. This kid is going to be good.

#40 Chase Sexton. | Bigwave photo

4th Shane McElrath: Shane looked like he was off a bit. But being off and getting a 4th is the ‘bad’ type of night you need to win the championship. I don’t think he was a huge fan of the soft rutted track, but he kept himself in the championship with a solid 4th.


5th Christian Craig: Great effort and ride for Craig. If you weren’t aware, his ankle looked like it had a softball under the skin due to a mid-week incident. This was the best I have seen him ride in quite a long time, but he is not a youngster anymore and he needs to be winning or at least on the box.


6th Mitchell Oldenburg: I didn’t see much of Oldenburg, at all. But he should be around 6th or 7th on his bad nights.

#52 Mitchell Oldenburg. | Bigwave photo

7th Adam Cianciarulo: AC had an easy podium, and he just made 2 mistakes that hurt him a lot. He washed the front end going for the lead, which happens, but looping out after regrouping killed any momentum and really puts him in a hole, points wise. He’s got to be better.


8th Bradley Taft: Good ride for Taft, let’s see if he can back it up.


9th Kyle Chisholm: Solid Chizz ride, like always.

#11 Kyle Chisholm. | Bigwave photo

10th Justin Hill: Where is the real Justin Hill? I haven’t heard of any secret injury or anything like that yet. I just don’t know what to think?

Biggest Stud: Plessinger is my stud. His lanky body was getting to the front no matter what. Great ride by AP.


Biggest Dud: 2 Duds this week. First one is Cianciarulo. He may have thrown away any championship hopes with 2 brain farts. Second Dud is defending champion Justin Hill. Hill is a beast in SX, but, unfortunately, he has looked anything but that so far in 2018.

Co-Duds this week: Justin Hill and Adam Cianciarulo. | Bigwave photo

Biggest Surprise: Justin Hill! How can a defending champion be that invisible out there? This guy was a winning machine full of confidence last season. I’m shocked to see him barely cracking the top 10.


MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: The Pro Circuit duo of Savatgy and Cianciarulo looked good, head to toe!