McThoughts | Monster Energy Supercross | Tampa | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the 250 East Supercross Series was this past Saturday night in Tampa, Florida. Thankfully, most of the riders calmed down after a hectic round 1. They seemed to forget how to pass guys and proceeded to try and ride through them instead. So, it was nice to see some cleaner racing. Being early in the series still, the intensity is still really high and guys are still trying to figure out where they belong.

The track had a really cool sand section that gave riders fits all night long. There were no easy laps through the sand and it made guys stay on their toes. We, once again, were treated to some great racing and here are the results and my thoughts.

1st Austin Forkner: Finally, this win has been a long time coming for Forkner. The “can’t miss kid” has been injured. He has been aggressive and fired up since Round 1 last week. He got a good start and made it happen early. He was reeled in late in the race, but held strong and brought home his first of many. Austin is now 2nd in points, only 5 points back of the leader, Zach Osborne.

#35 Austin Forkner.

2nd Dylan Ferrandis: After seeing Dylan race Saturday, I think, “what if?” I mean, what if Josh Osby didn’t clean out the pack in corner 1 at round ? Ferrandis looked really good, and he looked very strong on the last lap, which was a huge issue last year. So, now that Dylan has better fitness, the big question is can he claw out of this huge hole and make a run at this championship? He certainly has the speed. Dylan now sits 9th in points with 28.

3rd Zach Osbourne: Zach is going to be good on his bad days. He got a great start and he rode well. He still looks a little too aggressive for my liking, but it’s working for him early on. Zach is our points leader with 47 points after 2 rounds.

#1 Zach Osborne. Rockstar Husqvarna photo

4th RJ Hampshire: RJ is getting great starts, but he’s making rookie mistakes while running in podium positions. He could have had a win last week, and he missed out on another podium this week. RJ sits 3rd in points with 38.


5th Martin Davalos: Bad luck for Marty again this week. He clearly has the speed and skill, but he’s just not catching any breaks. Maybe it’s the Supercross Gods telling him that it’s time to put his ‘Big Boy’ pants on and move to the premier class. A decade is enough. Martin is 27 points out of the points lead in 13th position.

#29 Martin Davalos.

6th Jordan Smith: Rough start to the season for my championship pick. Bad starts, bad luck and maybe too much aggression is hurting Jordan. He got lucky and escaped injury when he jumped off the track, but he proceeded to eat it pretty hard when he grabbed some front brake. (NB: Riders, please be aware that you will wash the front end if you grab the front brake on dirty concrete) Jordan is tied for 5th in points with 34.


7th Luke Renzland: I always seem to miss Luke out there. He had a great ride going but lost all rhythm and lost a few spots near the end. He sits 7th in points.

#38 Luke Renzland.

8th Cameron McAdoo: Cameron is riding with a broken hand from week one, and he set a career high finish. I’d like to see him run up front with the leaders and learn their pace and intensity. This guy has some good speed, he just needs to unleash it. Cameron is 10th in points after 2 Rounds.


9th Colt Nichols: Colt just didn’t have the luck he had last week. I don’t want to say he can’t make it to the front after a bad start, but this week he didn’t show it. Colt is 4th in points, only 10 points out of the lead.


10th Jimmy Decotis: Obviously, a 10th doesn’t sound good a week after a podium, but Jimmy rode great after staring outside of the top 20. I think Jimmy is a different guy this season and, if he gets a start, can fight anyone for a top 5, or, even better, a podium. Jimmy D now sits 5th in points after 2 rounds.

#47 Jimmy Decotis.

Biggest Stud: First win gets Austin Forkner his first Stud status. The youngster looked good on the way to his first win.


Biggest Dud: Jeremy Martin continues to look crazy fast in Supercross, only to look super awkward on the same night. Somebody get this guy a shrink to talk him through this. He should be winning these things with ease on certain nights.

#6 Jeremy Martin gets Dud status this week.

Biggest Surprise: I was a little shocked by Forkner holding it together while being pressured late in the race. The kid held strong.


Canadian Content: Westen Wrozyna is now 2 for 2 in making the night show.

#179 Westen Wrozyna. | Julien Perrier photo

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: The Geico Honda pair of Martin and Hampshire looked pretty fresh in the Alpinestar Tech 10’s, Alias kit, 6D Helmet, and 100% goggles.