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By Jeff McConkey

We went into the final round of the Championship with only 15 points between 1st and 2nd. After 19 motos, heading into the 20th and final moto the lead was down to 8. It was a great ending to a great season. We had multiple moto winners and overall winners in our most stacked 450 class ever. As good as 2016 was, It was nice to not see a runaway in the championship. The racing was good at RJ’s and had the fans excited right up until the end. Here are the results and my thoughts.

MX1 Season Podium (they didn’t do one for round 10): Matt Goerke, Christophe Pourcel, Colton Facciotti | Bigwave photo

1st Christophe Poucel 2-1: Christophe entered the final round down 15 points to Goerke. He did his best to steal the title, but he came up 3 points short. He looked like he enjoyed the RJ’s track and rode a fantastic moto 2. Christophe ended the season 2nd overall with 517 points.

1st place #377 Christophe Pourcel | Bigwave photo

2nd Colton Facciotti 1-4: Colton has been the Colton of old lately. In moto 1, he looked amazing. Moto 2, he had some issues and could only finish 4th. Colton ended the season in 3rd place with 479 points.

2nd place #10 Colton Facciotti | Bigwave photo

3rd Matt Goerke 6-3: Matt made things interesting in moto 1. He had 15 points over Christophe Pourcel heading into the first moto, but after going down twice and coming from the back, the points lead was only 8 going into the final moto of the season. Matt put his head down in moto 2 and secured his 3rd Canadian Championship. He finishes the season with 520 points.

3rd place #2 Matt Goerke | Bigwave photo

4th Jeremy Medaglia 4-9: I knew J-Dags was going to go good at RJ’s, but I honestly didn’t think he was healthy enough to almost podium! Jer ripped the holeshot in moto 1 (on his practice bike) and rode to a very impressive 4th. In moto 2, he had another great start, but just didn’t have the strength to stay up front for 30 min plus 2. Good way for Jer to end the season and show everyone that he’s still a top guy.

4th place #58 Jeremy Medaglia | Bigwave photo

5th Cade Clason 7-6: Cade tried to send it over a tricky double in qualifying and went down hard. He shook it off and actually had a pretty good day. Moto one, Cade had to come from the rear, and he rode a great ride to 7th at the checkers. In moto 2, Cade got the holeshot and had a great ride battling it out with the leaders for quite a while. Cade ended the season with 320 points putting him 9th overall.

5th place #7 Cade Clason | Bigwave photo

6th Kyle Chisholm 9-5: Kyle’s day almost ended on the first lap of practice. He took a very scary crash and is lucky that he wasn’t hurt, and he was able to walk away. And then he actually got better as the day went on. Like I have said all season long, this guy is sneaky good, and he finishes the season 5th in points with 405.

6th place #111 Kyle Chisholm | Bigwave photo

7th Mike Brown 8-7: Very good day for Mr. Brown. His starts were good in both motos, and he honestly didn’t look like a vet rider. This guy has skills and fitness for days, and more than likely still be a top 1o guy for 10 more years.

7th place #311 Mike Brown | Bigwave photo

8th Tim Tremblay 12-8: Tim rode very solid like always. It seems like he was in a battle all season long, and RJ’s was no different. I was still hoping to see Tim have a breakout ride, but it never happened. Tim had a great season and he finished 8th overall with 334 points.

8th place #38 Tim Tremblay | Bigwave photo

9th Kyle Keast 11-10: Kyle did what he has always done – no flash, no bullshit, just hard-nosed rides. I think the longer Pro motos suit him better than the Loretta’s sprint race.

9th place #464 Kyle Keast | Bigwave photo

10th Tyler Medaglia DNF-2: Tyler had a good ride going until a mechanical issue forced him to DNF. In moto 2, Tyler somehow got a great start with his 40th gate pick and looked like he could have won the moto at times. This guy keeps getting better and better. Tyler finishes the season 5th overall with 405 points.

10th place #6 Tyler Medaglia | Bigwave photo

Biggest Stud: Matt Goerke is my stud. I picked him for the title in our pre-season podcast, and I’d personally like to thank him for letting me get at least one right.

Biggest Dud: I’m pretty bummed that the season is over already.

Biggest Surprise: No surprises for me in MX1.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I have been a huge fan of Mike Alessi and his Alpinestar kits. Well, this weekend was no different. Mike was sporting some new 2018 stuff and it looked great!

Mike Alessi gets MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award for round 10 | Bigwave photo

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