McThoughts | San Diego Supercross | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

250 Class

This past weekend in San Diego we had a slower, jumpier track. It was technical and it had different options, and it made for good racing. The top guys were, once again, near the front for the most part and the title chase got a little bit tighter with points leader Aaron Plessinger finishing 7th.

Defending champion, Justin Hill, won his first heat raced and backed it up with a main event win after being MIA for the first few rounds. The 250 West now takes a 6 week break as the series heads East.

Here are the results and my thoughts.


1st Justin Hill: This is the Justin Hill we all know. He got a decent start, he stalked AC, and then he made a nice pass and eventually got away. Things were very bad for Hill early on during the season; he was struggling to break the Top 10. One thing though, Hill never bad mouthed the team or the bike. He took the blame and I respect that. Hill will be joining the 450 class full-time in 2019 with JGR, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see him fill in on the East for Justin Bogle a couple times.

#1W Justin Hill.

2nd Adam Cianciarulo: AC got the start he needed and didn’t waste anytime getting to the front. He looked very good leading, but Hill was just on another level in San Diego. Adam is still in this championship, but he will need some serious luck to make things happen. He sits 4th in points, 18 points behind the leader.


3rd Chase Sexton: The bright spot for the entire Geico team has got to be Chase Sexton. This kid doesn’t look like a rookie out there — very calm, great speed and fitness. I really think he could win one of these. He got a good start and rode great, even picking it up late in the main. Chase is 5th in points with 107.

#40 Chase Sexton.

4th Joey Savatgy: Joey got a great start and was up front early before going backwards. I won’t be hard on him this week as he had to be hurting pretty bad and gutted this one out. Joey had a crash early in the day, the crash wasn’t too bad, but when the track worker /flagger went to move Joey’s bike, he whiskey’d the throttle and basically did a burn out on Joeys arm and wrist destroying his wrist brace. Joey gained a few points on Plessinger heading into the break.


5th Shane McElrath: Shane looked off on Saturday night in San Diego. He is still riding very well, but it looks like yet another championship is slipping away. It seems like just as much as Shane quietly wins races, he slips down the standings just as quietly. Shane holds down 3rd in points, 17 behind the leader Plessinger.

#28 Shane McElrath.

6th Christian Craig: Just a mediocre night for Craig. I know he has got to be frustrated. He didn’t want to be on the East Coast last season, but this year there are no excuses. Million-dollar talent, just can’t seal the deal.


7th Aaron Plessinger: Not the greatest of starts for Aaron once again. It looked like he was going to start making his way through to the front when he went down awkwardly taking a handlebar to the chest. That pretty much took the wind out of his sails and a 7th was the best he could do. He holds on to the points lead going into the 6 week break, but Savatgy now trails by only 5 points.

#23 Aaron Plessinger.

8th Kyle Chisholm: Another solid result for Chiz. This guy is sneaky good and has some serious bike skills. I could see him racing into his 40’s!


9th Mitchell Harrison: Mitchell was a bit of a squirrel into the first rhythm section off of the start. He came together with Cianciarulo and was very lucky that either rider didn’t go down.

#30 Mitchell Harrison.

10th Bradley Taft: Didn’t see Taft out there at all. But congrats on a good ride for the rookie.

Biggest Stud: Justin Hill is my Stud. I really have no idea how somebody can be that ‘average’ for the first few rounds, and then go out and win his heat and then the main event.


Biggest Dud: It seems like the veterans of the class are struggling the worst. Christian Craig can’t buy a win, and Alex Martin can’t shake his bad luck. Hate to break it to you, fellas, you are in need of a change of scenery. The 450 class is calling your names.

#32 Christian Craig.

Biggest Surprise: The gender of Aaron Plessinger’s baby is the big surprise. Just kidding! Although I like Plessinger, I think this whole ‘gender revealing’ is pathetic. Sorry for being Debbie Downer, it’s not me… it’s you.

Canadian Content: Jess Pettis qualified well, but was forced to pull out of the heat race when his injured shoulder popped out. Jess will be re-evaluated this week in hopes of being ready for round 1 of the Canadian Triple Crown.

Brock Leitner qualified 43rd after missing Oakland due to injury.

#497 Brock Leitner.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: Dakota Alix and his military appreciation Fly kit looked great. Very clean and it’s something that I would rock, for sure.

#42 Dakota Alix.