McThoughts | San Diego Supercross | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

450 class

The 450 class has been full of injuries so far this season. We have had stars like Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Jake Weimer, and Justin Bogle pull off or miss action due to injuries. Well, it just got a little bit worse. We lost Weimer and Bogle once again to injury, and most likely the season. And it’s looking like Ken Roczen will be missing some time now after a very freak incident.

Now, some people are spouting off saying Roczen was trying to clean out Cooper Webb. It all started when Webb came in on Roczen making the pass. One corner later, Roczen came in real hot, and I honestly think he just hooked up too hard and looped out. If he wanted to clean out Cooper, he wouldn’t have tried to turn, he would have just banked off of him. Anyway, Roczen’s bike looped out into Webb’s bike knocking them both down.

What followed was one of the scariest things I have seen. Ken’s arm somehow slipped or got sucked in between the swingarm and rear wheel on Cooper’s bike. As of now, we are hearing there may be a possible fracture in Ken’s ‘good’ arm. Let’s hope he is OK and we will see the #94 back racing on the track sooner than later.

Here are the results and my thoughts.


1st Jason Anderson:¬† Who would have bet that Anderson would have a 28-point lead heading into the first East Coast round? Not many would have, but it’s true and I don’t see Jason letting up anytime soon. He’s been consistent like Ryan Dungey, but the difference is that Jason has more raw speed and he isn’t afraid to get a little bucked through the whoops. Jason looks great everywhere and he once again leaves with the red plate.

#21 Jason Anderson.

2nd Marvin Musquin: Marvin looked much better this week. He had some aggressive passes and even got a little wild through the whoops. Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say he is out of this championship race. The best thing for him to do is to go out, get stronger each week and reel off some wins.


3rd Blake Baggett: Look who now has 2 podiums in a row. I’ve always said that confidence is huge, and Blake backed that up for me in San Diego. He was weak early on in the season through the whoops, but has looked much better the past 2 weekends. We are heading East now, so watch for Blake to keep the ball rolling.

#4 Blake Baggett.

4th Cole Seely: There are two different ways you can take this. Seely has led laps 2 weeks in a row and has failed to podium both times. One, you either hit the panic button and freak out and think there is a major issue in his program, or, two, it’s a good thing that he has led laps in back-to-back mains and he his gaining valuable experience and knowledge. When Cole was out front and you could see glimpses of the #21 of Jason Anderson, were you not ready to bet the entire farm that a pass was happening soon? Cole is riding very well, but, in my opinion, he’s too smart and he needs to think less and hang it out a little more if he wants to be a podium guy.


5th Broc Tickle: Who is this guy? He’s been invisible all season up until this point. I feel Broc was trying to do too much with his new ride. With some better starts, Broc should be around the top 5 every weekend. Tickle is 10th in points with 82.

#20 Broc Tickle.

6th Justin Brayton: Like always, a very solid finish for Brayton. He’s been strong in the whoops, and like I said before, racing over in Australia in the off season is a huge advantage. Justin sits tied for 5th in point with 99.


7th Weston Peick: Weston getting 7th doesn’t seem like a great ride, but considering that he was down in the first corner and he rejoined the action in 17th, it was very impressive. He proved that his good finishes weren’t all from great starts. Weston is now 7th in points, only 1 point out of 5th.

#34 Weston Peick.

8th Justin Barcia: This wasn’t a great ride for Justin. An 8th place finish¬†isn’t terrible, and he probably would have killed for an 8th a year ago, but Justin is at worst a top 5 guy in 2018. He needs to start up front next week and get back to where he belongs. Justin is 2nd in points, trailing Anderson by 28.


9th Dean Wilson: Slowly but surely, Dean is healing and getting better each weekend. It will take some more time to get back to 100% but Deano isn’t giving up. He needs to get better starts, so he can get use to the pace of the front runners.

#15 Dean Wilson.

10th Vince Friese: Great finish for Vince. His starts haven’t been there yet this season, and that is hurting his finishes. I feel he still needs to get a little better in the whoops, and that will help him stay stronger in the mains.

Biggest Stud: Davi Millsaps is my Stud. I know it is hard not to go out on your own terms, but I respect Davi for not messing around with a head injury. Take notes, parents. It’s just a sport, life is too valuable.

#18 Davi Millsaps.

Biggest Dud: Injuries, they’re the worst part of our sport. We lost Jake Weimer due to a broken wrist in qualifying. Justin Bogle was landed on, and it looks like he will miss the remainder of SX. But the scariest incident was when Ken Roczen looped out and ended up with his arm caught in between the swingarm and rear wheel of Cooper Webb’s Yamaha. Let’s hope everyone makes a full recovery sooner than later.

#19 Justin Bogle.

Biggest Surprise: Jason Anderson and his season this year is a bit of a surprise. Yes, I am a fan, and, yes, I expected a win or two, but I really didn’t expect him to be this good. He’s calm, but still willing to fight for the win, when it’s not always needed. Not too bad for a guy that was sent home for a few weeks during his rookie season to figure things out.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: Chad Reed‘s kit looked very good. I was a huge fan of the clean look and an even bigger fan of the Nicky Hayden-inspired paint job on his helmets. Gone but never forgotten, NH69.

#22 Chad Reed.

Thanks for reading, and we will see you in the East.