McThoughts | Seattle SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The 250 West resumed after taking a back seat to the 250 East for 7 weeks. Some guys were visibly rusty, while others were just in survival mode. The weather held off for the race Saturday night, but it was pretty wet leading up to the event. It was surprising to see how well the track held up due to the rain. Because of the wet conditions, the riders were given one, 10-minute practice/qualifying session. I know they are all professionals, but that has got to be pretty hard to hang it out with little to no time on the track. Let’s take a look at the results and see my thoughts:


1st Aaron Plessinger: Nothing was going to stop Plessinger from winning, not even a red flag. He was probably the only 250 that was attacking the entire track, when others were in survival mode in sections. Aaron is a tall guy who looks forward to big whoops and ruts, and still has an outside chance at this title. Plessinger is 2nd to Hill in points, trailing by 18 with 2 rounds remaining. 

#23 Aaron Plessinger | Bigwave photo


2nd Justin Hill: Justin did what he needed to. He came in with 4 straight wins and he rode safe and smart to a solid 2nd behind Plessinger. I think it is safe to say he will win this championship.


3rd Mitchell Oldenburg: Congrats on your first podium, Mitchell. ‘Freckle’ went down with a collarbone injury at round 2, and came back strong and ready. He will be a force for the remainder of the season.

#28 Mitchell Oldenburg | Bigwave photo

4th Martin Davalos: Going into last nights action, Martin needed only 29 points to point out of the 250 SX.  Well, Davalos scored 18 points last night in Seattle, so the big question is… Will we actually see Martin in the 450 class or will Martin miss the remaining 2 rounds due to a “mysterious injury?” I’m thinking the latter. Anyway, Martin had a good ride on a very tough track and he now sits 4th in points with 124.


5th Shane McElrath: Shane went into the evening banged up after a very scary crash with Chris Alldredge. He rode well, but was off the pace due to the crash. Shane now sits 3rd in point with 129.

#38 Shane McElrath | Bigwave photo


6th Jimmy Decotis: I was really hoping to see Jimmy snag a podium. His starts have been great and his aggression is great, too. He seems to be making mistakes late in the races, and you can’t afford to be doing that at this level. I would really like to see Jimmy get a podium for Big Daddy before the season is over.


7th Hayden Mellross: I like Hayden’s style, and think he has a ton of potential. If he could stay healthy, he could possibly creep closer to the top 5. The Australian is 14th in points with 40.

#62 Hayden Mellross | Bigwave photo


8th Kyle Chisholm: Kyle was pretty quiet in Seattle. He did well on the 450 in the East. Another solid ride for the Floridian, who may be chasing our series this summer. Kyle is 8th in points with 73.


9th Cole Martinez: Cole started 8th and finished 9th. Another nice top 10 for the half-Canadian. Cole is 9th in points with 54.

#53 Cole Martinez | Bigwave photo


10th Justin Hoeft: I really don’t know much about Justin. He qualified 6th, and came around in 13th on lap one. A top 10 finish is a very good result for the Yamaha rider.


Biggest Stud: Aaron Plessinger is my stud, he almost made it look easy out there.


Biggest Dud: Noah McConahy and Chris Alldredge went down with some serious injuries. Let’s wish the pair of them a speedy recovery.

Get well soon, #59 Noah McConahy and Chris Alldredge | Bigwave photo


Biggest Surprise: I was expecting the North West native Hill to be closer to Plessinger, but he didn’t need to win the race, he just needed to manage his points lead.


Mc’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I thought the Astar/ Thor/Bell/100% kits on Plessinger and Reardon looked good, but I personally would have opted for the Tech 10 Radiant boot over the Red Tech 10 Torch boot.


Thanks for reading, enjoy the Easter break.