McThoughts | Seattle SX | 450 Class

By Jeff McConkey

If you were in Seattle Saturday night, you were most likely on the edge of your seat. Eli Tomac had reeled off 5 wins in a row heading into Saturday night, and trailed reigning champion and current points leader, Ryan Dungey by only 4 points. The track and wet conditions were going to make things tough for everyone, but did anyone expect the super-consistent Dungey to go down on the start? I know I didn’t.

Well, Dungey did go down, and he had to ride his ass off and he had to fight and claw for every single point. What looked like a complete disaster on lap one, actually turned out to be some serious good damage control by Dungey.

Marvin Musquin ended up winning the race, and rode absolutely flawless on his way to his 2nd win of the season. The only problem Musquin had on the track was when he looped out on his celebration lap, and will no doubt hear about that one for a while. Here are the results and my predictions:

1st Marvin Musquin: Poor Marvin and his great ride have been overshadowed by the championship pair of Tomac and Dungey. Marvin got a great start and got into the lead right away and rode a flawless race. He proved to everyone that there were no team orders and he was going for wins. You have got to respect that.

#25 Marvin Musquin | Bigwave photo


2nd Eli Tomac: Wow! That is pretty much all I can say about Eli. He was jumping some crazy stuff, and taking some serious chances. Going into Seattle only down 4 points, I really didn’t think we’d see Eli sending it on everything. He had one scary moment where he came up short and went over the bars. He got very lucky and now heads into the off weekend tied with Dungey in points.


3rd Jason Anderson: Jason thought he rode like a squirrel, but it seemed to work on a track like that. He finally got the start that he needed, and it got him on the podium. I’d like to see him finish strong with at least 2 more podiums. Jason is 5th in points with 208.

#21 Jason Anderson | Bigwave photo


4th Ryan Dungey: This was an incredible ride for Ryan. He dug deep from what looked like a massive points deficit to Tomac to come out tied for the lead. He has been on it the last 2 rounds and I’d imagine that he will not be taking a break for Easter.


5th Davi Millsaps: I’m telling you, Davi is having one of his best seasons ever. I think it’s even better than his last year on Suzuki’s, considering how stacked the field is. His starts have been great and his speed and fitness are right there, too. Davi is 7th in points with 177.

#18 Davi Millsaps | Bigwave photo


6th Broc Tickle: This was a Broc Tickle type of track. I honestly thought he’d be a little faster on the very rutted track. A 6th is a great result no matter what the conditions. Broc is now 8th in points with 158.


7th Blake Baggett: Nice 7th for Blake. He’s been a different rider this season. I’m really excited to see him do some damage outdoors. He will most definitely be a podium guy. Blake has moved himself up to 6th in points with 177 and has a great battle going with teammate Millsaps.

#4 Blake Baggett | Bigwave photo


8th Cooper Webb: Cooper rode a great race, and if it wasn’t for changing up his line very late, he would have had a very nice 2nd place, or 3rd at worst. It’s nice to see Coop all fired up and looking like his old self. His starts were great, and he really did look great until he clipped that tuff block. Cooper sits way back in 13th position in the points, after missing a few rounds due to a shoulder injury.


9th Chad Reed: Decent top 10 for Reed. The big news was that he and Dungey ironed out all of their issues. I personally wasn’t believing Chad’s opinion on the situation, but I guess it was good enough for Dungey.

#22 Chad Reed | Bigwave photo


10th Dean Wilson: Another nice top 10 for Deano. He’s doing exactly what is expected of him, and I really hope he signs an extension with the squad. Dean is now 9th in points with 147. Not too shabby for a guy who had the balls to spend some of his own money to go racing at the start of the season.


Biggest Stud: Sorry, Marvin Musquin, your ride was flawless, but my stud is Ryan Dungey. Dungey rode his butt off after going down on the start. Nothing but heart on this ride for the champ.


Biggest Dud: We lost Cole Seely to an injury. Let’s hope he’s back after the break. HRC Honda needs a break, and I’m sorry but I don’t think signing Christian Craig for Outdoors will help. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Craig would be out before Red Bud, and Fast Freddie Noren finally gets the call.

Get well soon, Cole Seely | Bigwave photo


Biggest Surprise: RCH Suzuki adding Microsoft as a sponsor. Anytime you can add an outside sponsor, it’s huge, not to mention a giant like Microsoft.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I’m going to have to go with “LA FLAMA BLANCA ” Jason Anderson and his white/yellow/black Thor/Astar/Airoh Kit. It was clean and flowed well.


Thanks for reading, Have a Happy Easter next weekend and enjoy the break.