McThoughts | St Louis SX | 250 Class

By Jeff McConkey

The 250 East lined up for the last time before their short mid-season break. So far this season, we have had 4 different winners, and to be honest… nothing is set in stone. Joey Savatgy won the open and it looked like he was the man to beat. Then Zach Osborne stepped up and looked unbeatable. Zach had some issues in Detroit, and now Jordon Smith has reeled off two straight wins. Throw in a dominant Daytona ride from Adam Cianciarulo, and you have a pretty wild 250 East.

This past weekend, the boys were in St Louis and, once again, they did not let us down. Joey Savatgy still holds onto the red plate and points lead, but as we have seen already… anything can happen in the East. Here are the results and my thoughts:

250 Class

1st Jordon Smith: Jordon got a great start and surprised a lot of people by getting not only his 2nd career win, but doing it back to back. He has been getting great starts all season and staying super consistent, which now has him 2nd in points, only 6 behind the leader.

#44 Jordan Smith | Tyler Spikman photo

2nd Joey Savatgy: Joey holds onto the red plate, but you can tell that not winning is really getting to him. He looks really good out there, but for some crazy reason, he isn’t getting the wins. I know the championship is the main focus, but I’d like to see Joey win one straight up before the end.

#17 Joey Savatgy | Tyler Spikman photo


3rd Zach Osborne: Poor Zach. It honestly looked like the championship was in the bag for him. A little bad luck, followed by flu-like symptoms, and the ‘can’t lose’ Osborne is now 3rd in the standings, and trails 2nd by 6 points and 1st by 12 with only 2 rounds to go.

#16 Zach Osborne | Bigwave photo


4th Dylan Ferrandis: I knew Dylan was going to be good, but I honestly expected some spectacular crashes from him and some really rough nights. Luckily for the young Frenchman, I was wrong. He has been squirrelly at times, and it looks like his fitness could be a bit better, but for the most part, I think this rookie season for him has been a success.

#108 Dylan Ferrandis | Bigwave photo


5th Christian Craig: I still don’t know what to think of Craig. He looks so good at times, and then his finishes have been very poor. Maybe with the short 250 East break, and the big news of him filling in on the vacant HRC Honda 450 for outdoors (Ken Roczen‘s ride), will light a spark and he can finish the 250 East strong?

#48 Christian Craig | Bigwave photo


6th Adam Cianciarulo: Adam looked off to me in St Louis. I really expected a podium at the least. He has been riding with a bad knee, so a few weeks off will help. There was a rumour floating around that he is looking for a 450 SX and MX ride for 2018. I was really hoping to see him get a 250 SX championship first after such a great start to his pro career. Adam is 4th in points with 128.

#36 Adam Cianciarulo | Tyler Spikman photo


7th Mitchell Harrison: Mitchell has really improved his results as of late. His starts have been better, and he isn’t as out of control as last season. I don’t think he was ready for the ride last season, but lately he has been looking good. Me, personally, I’d give him another shot next season.

#45 Mitchell Harrison | Bigwave photo


8th Gannon Audette: This guy is rock steady. Nothing fancy, just hard work and consistently good finishes.

#54 Gannon Audette | Bigwave photo


9th Kyle Cunningham: I keep going on about it all season, but I’m really impressed at how well the JGR fill in riders have been doing this season. Let’s be honest, the stock form of a RMZ 250 isn’t the most desirable small bore bike, but Kyle and the gang are doing very well on them.

#42 Kyle Cunningham | Spikman photo


10th Anthony Rodriguez: I want to see A-Rod’s crazy speed. He is too fast to be getting 10th. Time for him to hang it out a bit.

#49 Anthony Rodriguez | Spikman photo


Biggest Stud: Jordon Smith is my stud. This guy could actually win the title. Who would have thunk?


Biggest Dud: I’m still not pumped on the lack of respect in the 250 class. It’s not bumper cars, it’s Supercross.


Biggest Surprise: Jordon Smith really did surprise me. I knew he’d get another win, just never expected back to back.


MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: I’m going to have to go with the very clean look of Christian Craig. The white just caught my eye.


Thanks for reading, see you in Seattle.