McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | Deschambault

By Jeff McConkey

Round 3 of the 2017 Women’s East MX Nationals took place this past Saturday in Deschambault, Quebec. This is a sandy track with a ton of elevation. The weather was good all week long, but the rain came on Saturday. The girls got through their first moto, but the rain delayed the program for moto 2, almost postponing it until Sunday.

There has been solid turnouts so far this season in the West and East, but it’s kind of brutal seeing all of these “lifetime Ladies B Class riders” skipping the big races. We need these girls to step up and support the series and help it grow. It’s sad but I can’t think of any up-and-comers on small bikes who could be the next Eve or Kennedy. Hopefully, that will change, but in my opinion there is no heir apparent. Anyway, let’s take a look at the results and see my thoughts.

Deschambault podium: Kennedy Lutz (2-1), Eve Brodeur (1-2), Brittany Gagne (4-3).

1. #44 Kennedy Lutz YAM 2-1: Kennedy had a nice battle in moto 1 with defending champion Eve Brodeur. The two ladies went at it back and forth the entire moto. In moto 2, it seemed like Kennedy was the only girl having fun out there. She rode the mud great and heads into the 4th and final round leading the series with 147 points.

#44 Kennedy Lutz | Bigwave photo

2. 1 Eve Brodeur KTM 1-2: Eve showed everyone, including herself, that everything is just fine with her, after her amazing moto 1 win.  It was the best Women’s race that I have seen in the East for a long time. Eve went back and forth with Lutz and was able to seal the deal. She rode well in moto 2 but just couldn’t repeat moto 1. I expect a fired up and confident Eve at the 4th and final round as she sits 2nd in points with 133.

#1 Eve Brodeur | Bigwave photo

3. 265 Brittany Gagne YAM 4-3: I thought when it started raining, that we would see the same Gagne that we did in moto 2 at RJ’s last year. Unfortunately, the magic wasn’t there, but Britt still rode very well. She had a great moto 1 battle with Megan Brodeur and looked strong. I still feel she needs to let loose and just make this last round super fun, and we will see the real speed that has been missing at times. Gagne sits 3rd in points with 110.

#265 Brittany Gagne | Bigwave photo

4. 241 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve HSK 6-5: Sarah got good starts both motos and ran near the front. She has good style for a small girl and I really hope she can make the 4th and final round as she sits 8th in points with 58.

#241 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve | Bigwave photo

5. 108 Liz Burke KAW 5-7: They don’t get much tougher than Liz Burke. She was landed on earlier in the week and still rode to an impressive 5th overall. I really think with a great start Liz could fight for that last podium spot. She needs a little good luck, because I honestly think that is the only thing missing. Liz is tied in points with Emilie-Jade Leveilie with 75 and sits 4th.

#108 Liz Burke | Bigwave photo

6. 184 Carrie Davis YAM 12-4: A decent first moto for Carrie, but wow, what a ride in moto 2. Turns out Carrie is a fantastic mud rider, I was almost as unaware of it as she was. She admitted that she was a little nervous running 3rd for so long, but I think it was really good for her to be up front and run that pace. Her 2nd start was great and she rode a really great moto. She was a strong candidate for our “G’d Up from the Feet Award,” unfortunately, her feet are too small to run Tech 10 boots. Maybe she will grow in the off-season, and take her boot game to the next level. Carrie is 14th in points with 44.

#184 Carrie Davis | Bigwave photo

7. 10 Emilie-Jade Leveille KTM 7-8: This was Emilie’s best round this season. She rode smart and battled hard in both motos. Her starts have held her back this season, but she never gives up and works hard. Emilie is tied for 4th in points 75.

#10 Emilie-Jade Leveille | Bigwave photo

8. 122 Brook Greenlaw KTM 11-6: Solid first moto for Brook, and she backed it up with a great ride in the mud. She’s been improving every round and now sits 9th in points with 52.

#122 Brook Greenlaw | Bigwave photo

9. 20 Dominique Brule 8-13: Dominique had a real good first moto and salvaged a 13th in the mud. Her starts were decent and she pushed hard in both motos. Brule sits 16th in points with 41 heading into the 4th and final round.

#20 Dominique Brule | Bigwave photo

10. 31 Megan Brodeur 3- : Megan had a great first moto. She went back and worth with Gagne. In moto 2 she looked to have a solid jump off the gate, but got tangled and went down. I’m not sure on her status for round 4 yet, but she sits tied for 10th in points with 51.

#31 Megan Brodeur | Bigwave photo


Biggest Stud: Eve Brodeur is my stud. It was nice to see the real Eve step up and ride like we know she can.

Biggest Dud: It’s always such a bummer to see how many girls race the ECAN, but are too afraid to line up on Saturday. Come on girls, staying in the B class forever isn’t very glamorous.

Biggest Surprise: Carrie Davis and her moto 2 ride. She looked really good, and I hope this gives her the confidence to believe she should be well inside the top 10 every moto.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: Eve Brodeur and Emilie-Jade Levellie get the nod for their moto 1 kits. From their TCX boots, SHOT Race Gear kits, Shoei Helmet/Scott Goggles on Emilie-Jade and Zox Helmet/Oakley goggles on Eve. These 2 ladies looked fresh!

Eve Brodeur and Emilie-Jade Leveille | Jeff McConkey photo

See you at RJ’s!