McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | RJ’s Round 4

By Jeff McConkey

As quickly as the 2017 Women’s East season has come, it has left us just as fast. We had great racing for the first 3 rounds, and the 4th was no different. Once again, our top 2 girls were on another level and set the bar really high. We had some good battles throughout the pack which made it fun to watch.

Once again, I am going to complain about the poor rider turnout. Some girls complain about the lack of support in Women’s Moto. Well, sorry ladies, you need to get out there and race to get more support. We at Direct Motocross give you a weekly feature, give a preview and predictions in the Frid’Eh Update, give you podcasts, race reports and McTHOUGHTS. What else could a girl want? Maybe we need to do a prize table too? Wait a minute, that is a whole other rant.

Anyway, a big congratulations to all of the lady racers, families and supporters that had the courage and drive to show up. Great job, everyone, we can’t wait to see you in 2018.

Women’s Podium: Eve Brodeur, Kennedy Lutz, Brittany Gagne | Jeff McConkey photo

1st Eve Brodeur 2-1: Although she didn’t win her 4th straight East Championship, I honestly believe this season was great for Eve. She had to dig deep and prove to herself that she had it in her. She had a good first moto, but rode even better for moto 2 to get her 1st overall of the season. Eve finished the year 2nd in points, 14 down from Kennedy with 180.

#1 Eve Brodeur | Bigwave photo

2nd Kennedy Lutz 1-2: Kennedy once again had 2 great motos. She rode strong and smart, and captured her first Canadian Championship. I think Kennedy was happy she chose East, as Eve was the only girl to battle her on Canadian soil. Kennedy finishes 2017 as our Women’s East National Champion with 194 points.

#44 Kennedy Lutz | Bigwave photo

3rd Brittany Gagne 3-3: Brittany didn’t have the ride like she did here at RJ’s in 2016, but she finished very strong, looked good doing so, and walked away with 2 legs. She honestly looked good, but I’m going to be a broken record and say that I’d like to see her hang off the back of the bike a little more and be loose. Brittany finished the season in 3rd place overall with 150 points.

#265 Brittany Gagne | Bigwave photo

4th Liz Burke 4-4: Halfway through both motos while watching Liz go by, Bigwave Billy and I agreed that had this been a race anywhere else, we would be talking about how amazing Liz looked. Great style, good speed, Liz rode great all day. She needs to add a tad bit of speed to get in with that podium group of girls, but she’s not far off. Liz finishes the season 4th overall with 111 points.

#108 Liz Burke | Bigwave photo

5th Brooke Greenlaw 6-5: Brooke looked very good in both motos at RJ’s. Her starts were decent and she held a good pace. Brooke will be number 8 in 2018 finishing with 83 points.

6th Kelcey Jones 5-7: Kelcey had a very good first moto, but even though she fell off the start, she had a great 2nd moto. She was full of aggression and charged everywhere. This was by far the best she has ever looked. She has it in her, now she just needs to bring that intensity every moto. Kelcey finishes the series  9th in points wit 80.

#381 Kelcey Jones | Bigwave photo

7th Mariah Gautier 7-6: Mariah had great starts both motos, but just didn’t have the speed to stay in the top 5 at RJ’s. She rode well and earned her 2nd top 10 of the season and finished 7th overall for the series with 84 points.

#138 Mariah Gauthier | Bigwave photo


8th Grace Payne 8-10: Solid day for Grace as she gets her best finish and first top 10 of the year. With better starts, she should be in the top 10 a lot more. Grace ended the season with 45 points and in 16th overall.

#29 Grace Payne | Bigwave photo

9th Emilie-Jade Leveilie 12-8: Not the best of starts for Emilie-Jade, but she fought back and rode hard right to the end in both motos. Emilie was super-consistent all year long and finishes the season 5th overall with 97 points.

#10 Emilie-Jade Leveille | Bigwave photo

10th Erica Solmes 11-9: This was Erica’s best ride of her short season. I rode with her a few weeks back, and I think with her practice speed she should be inside the top 5. She just needs to charge a little more and get her butt off that seat. Erica ends the season 22nd overall with 22 points.

#156 Erica Solmes | Bigwave photo

Biggest Stud: The duo of Brodeur and Lutz get permanent “STUD Status.” These two girls have taken Women’s Moto in Canada to a new level and set the bar very high for the future.

Biggest Dud: 23 girls…. Hello Ladies, where are you? You have a great series and great media coverage, take advantage of it! Very disappointing.

Biggest Surprise: Kelcey Jones was my surprise. Kelcey went down off the start in moto 2, which resulted in her best ride ever. Yeah, she rode that well!

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: Once again, I have to give it to the duo of Eve Brodeur and Emilie-Jade Leveille and their head to toe combos from Motovan: TCX Boots, SHOT Race Gear, Zox Helmet/Oakley Goggles for Brodeur and Shoei Helmet and Scott Prospect Goggles for Emilie-Jade.

Emilie-Jade and Eve take this week’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award | Jeff McConkey photo