McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | Round 2

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the Women’s East MX Nationals went off on Saturday in Bon Conseil, Quebec. The track rutted up very deep and made it tricky for the girls to navigate. We saw a few of the top 10 girls sample the dirt more than a few times which shook up the overall results. It was another solid turn out, but there are still too many girls afraid to mix it up. Come on ladies, support your series so it can keep growing and getting better. You’ll regret it down the road if you don’t. Anyways, here are the results and my thoughts.

Women’s round 2 top 5: Kennedy Lutz, Eve Brodeur, Isabelle Thibault, Brittany Gagne, Megan Brodeur.

1st #44 Kennedy Lutz 1-1: Kennedy was very aggressive on this technical track. She was right up there on both starts and wasted no time getting into the lead. Once again, she was on another level and even lapped 4th place. She’s just so confident right now and I don’t see her letting up anytime soon.

2nd #1 Eve Brodeur 2-2: Eve had a rough start to the weekend. While getting a few practice laps in on Friday, Eve over-jumped the finish line by about 15 feet and landed flat. She gutted it out Saturday and rode two solid motos. She’s got some time to heal and have fun before Deschambault. I think she just needs to ride and make it fun again. This is her first challenge on home soil, and it’s going to elevate her game in the long run.

3rd #9 Isabelle Thibault 3-3: I love this girl’s attitude. She just goes out there and concentrates on moving forward, nothing else. She needs better starts if she wants to hang with Brodeur. I don’t think she’s at that level yet, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to ease up anytime soon.

4th #265 Brittany Gagne 4-4: Brittany was a little tight today. She’s got more in her, she just has to let loose a little. She is strong, fit, and has speed. Now she just needs to make it fun for 15 minutes plus 1 lap. She knows the next two tracks, so there is no reason why she shouldn’t be on the podium.

5th #31 Megan Brodeur 6-6: This was Megan’s first National of the year. She was up near the front on both starts. Her speed wasn’t quite there to stay with the front group, but she still looked good. With some more seat time, I expect her to join the group in front of her by Deschambault and hover around the podium.

6th #98 Julia Krzemien 5-7: It was a last-minute decision for Julia, and she was rewarded with 2 solid motos. Her speed wasn’t as good as last weekend, but the crazy ruts may have had something to do with it. Her starts weren’t the greatest and it allowed the leaders to get away from her. She has qualified for Loretta’s, so her focus will be on that and we won’t see her until RJ’s. Good luck at the ranch, Julia.

7th #241 Sarah Kim Villeneuve 7-8: Good day for Sarah. She battled hard both motos and comes home with a solid 7th.

8th #184 Carrie Davis 9-9: Nice top 10 for our American friend. Her starts need work, but she pushed hard and got a well-deserved 9-9. She will be better at Deschambault and should finish strong at RJ’s. A top 10 number is possible.

9th #10 Emilie-Jade Leveille 8-10: Nice to see Emilie start the season off with two top 10 overalls. She had to work hard for this one after getting poor starts. With a good start I think she should be 6th to 8th. She is riding well this season and her kits look great.

10th #115 Sammi Burch 11-12: Two decent rides and a little luck gives Burch a top 10 overall.

Biggest Stud: Kennedy Lutz is my stud. Once again, she was very dominant and lapped up to 4th place in moto 1.

Biggest Dud: I was bummed to see Eve Brodeur get hurt. I want to see her and Kennedy go at it, just as bad as everyone else. Props to Eve for gutting it out like a true champion.

Biggest Surprise: I was shocked to see a few of the regular top 10 girls struggle and finish poorly.

MC’s “G’d Up from the Feet Up” Award: Kennedy Lutz and her moto 2 kit was HOT. Forma boots, FXR kit, 6D helmet looked top notch.

Thanks for reading, see you in Deschambault.