McThoughts | Women’s East MX Nationals | Sand Del Lee

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Billy Rainford

WOmen’s podium: Isabelle Thibault, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve, Brittany Gagne.

The Ladies East series had their 2nd round in Ottawa Saturday. The weather was nasty hot, but they still had a great turnout and some decent racing. There is such a variety in talent, but it actually makes for battles throughout the entire field.

Here are the results and my thoughts.

1st Isabelle Thibault 1-1: Isabelle has speed, and I enjoy watching her ride. It looks like nothing phases her out there and she just goes for it. I respect that. But the incident between her and Eve Brodeur off the start in Moto 1 was just plain dirty and uncalled for. I station myself about 50 feet from the start so I can tweet the holeshot and see the jump. Isabelle got the jump and immediately cut hard left and looked at Eve Broader before cleaning her out, in my opinion. I saw her eyes look at Eve, and I believe it was 100% intentional.

2nd Sarah-Kim Villeneuve 3-3: Great ride by Sarah-Kim. She looked great in both motos and her speed surprised me a little. It looks like she has improved and is on her way to being a top girl in the series.

3rd Brittany Gagne 2-4: Solid rides from Britt but I expect more from her. She is championship caliber, and needs to start putting it all together.

4th Megan Brodeur 6-2: I say this every year, if Megan focused on just MX, she’d be our champ. But Megan has a great Snowcross gig down in the US and I totally get it. Anyways, great 2nd moto by the part-timer, and it just backs up my thoughts on how good she really is.

5th Lauren Woods 5-6: I don’t know anything about Lauren, but she had 2 very solid rides and was rewarded with a nice top 5.

6th Eve Brodeur 4-8: This was a tough round for Eve, and she definitely had a target on her back, but she handled it with class as always. After one of the dirtiest takeouts I’ve seen in a long long time, Eve went down and was used as a speed bump by Eden Netelkos. Eve was able to make it back to 4th, and honestly with one more lap she would have had second place. Her 2nd Moto she had some issues and could only muster an 8th. This round may have cost her the championship, but who really wants to win like that?

7th Liz Burke 8-5: Liz has been gutting it out and riding hurt for the majority. She’s tougher and faster than most dudes and had 2 solid rides. I expect her to be back on the box in Moncton. She’s just too good not to be.

8th Brittani Majcher 7-7: Very consistent rides for Brittani. She has ridden a few rounds up here in the past, and I think her speed has increased. She is a good addition to our series.

9th Chloe Ponca-Myre 9-9: I haven’t seen Chloe ride for many years, so it was good to see her back. 9-9 for 9th is how her day went.

10th Eden Netelkos 11-10: Eden had a rough day. She was involved in the Eve Brodeur crash and that hurt her results. She’s got some great sand skills and I think she had top 5 speed going into the motos.

Biggest Stud: Eve Brodeur and how she handled her Moto 1 incident. She will be our 2019 champion in my eyes no matter the outcome.

Biggest Dud: Thibault’s takeout. It was so blatant.

MC’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ Award: #196 Karine Gauthier gets the nod for best dressed.