Mini O’s | Canadian Injuries Update

By Billy Rainford

Going to one of these huge American Amateur Nationals is a big a deal. In fact, some would argue there’s more pressure and stiffer competition at these than at a Pro National! Just getting through the week at the Thor Winter Olympics –The Mini O’s — is a fete in itself.

The schedule starts on the Supercross track and makes its way over to the Motocross track for the remainder of the week’s racing. It’s a pretty grueling schedule for these amateur riders.

We had a good group of Canadians who made the trip south to compete this year. Unfortunately, not all of them got through it unscathed. Here’s a brief look at what happened to some of the riders who fell victim to the Gatorback tracks.

#110 Emma Saarella

#33 Sam Matthews

#343 Max Filipek

#474 Hunter Vaughan hurt his arm but was able to continue racing. #53 Bjorn Viney had a scary crash in the roller section and landed hard on his head. He was able to keep going, though. #20 Jeremy McKie crashed and damaged his bike too badly to continue the week.