By Billy Rainford

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If you live anywhere near me in Southwestern Ontario you’ve woken up to a very typical situation: It rained all weekend and now the weather is perfect…but it’s Monday.

How many times has this happened to you? This was yesterday, but Monday is perfect. | Bigwave photo

How many times has this happened to you in your life? I know, for me, it seems like a lot! You’d stew all weekend because you really didn’t want to go out and pound out mud motos, or you drove a long way only to race the worst mudder ever, and then you sit in school on Monday looking out the window at a sunny and abnormally warm fall day. That’s what’s happening here right now.

If you’re lucky enough to have Monday and Tuesday off, be sure to get out and enjoy some of the best riding weather of the year. It’s going to be 16 degrees Celsius and sunny in these parts. Perfect.

Anyway, I won’t be riding anywhere, myself, but as I look out my front window at the neighbour’s Canada flag, I can see that it is hanging so limp that it’s practically begging me to get out for a cycle, and that’s what I intend to do, later.

You really have to jump on these nice, late-October days when they come up!

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I guess a lot of you reading this now were at some sort of Halloween get-together over the weekend, too. I had plans to go to a big, fancy house party on the north end of the city where the owner has a permanent stage in the backyard there 3 bands were scheduled to play.

Unfortunately, it rained and stormed all weekend, so it pretty much ruined everything. Truthfully, we didn’t even leave the house.

Let’s see some costume pics!

Shelby Turner Wins Endurocross Championship

Shelby Turner wins 3rd Endurocross title. | @MJSMotoPhotos photo

Congratulations to Canadian Shelby Turner on her 2019 AMA Endurocross Presented by Fox championship.

The Barons, AB rider went undefeated in the 3-round series that went to Prescott Valley, Denver, and finished in Nampa.


In the Women’s class, Shelby Turner took her third win in a row to record a perfect season. That clinched her third AMA EnduroCross women’s championship. Beta’s Morgan Tanke and Rachel Gutish finished second and third in the race. And in the series points, Gutish and former champion Maria Forsburg/Hahn finished second and third. 

Full results and standings can be found HERE.

Shelby is always a great interview, so we’ll try to get in touch with her for a podcast in the very near future.

Ponca City

I think I’ve been to every big amateur championship event except Ponca City. Wait, I haven’t been to Mammoth Mountain yet, either.

Growing up, all the big races down south sounded so amazing to me. I’m sure you can remember thinking about what it must be like to line up in some of these cool-sounding places that you always read about in the magazines. Yes, there used to be paper magazines. (I know there still are)

I only ever raced at Gatorback, but I’ve crossed the majority of the others off my list as a photographer over the years.

Anyway, the Viney Boys were in action down there in Oklahoma. Here’s a look at their results:

#43 Noah Viney:

 Class   Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish     
 Mini Sr 1 (12-14)   #43  KTM     4th   5th   5th     
 Mini Sr 2 (13-15)   #43  KTM     6th   5th   4th     
 85cc 9-13 open   #43  KTM     3rd   4th   5th 

#53 Bjorn Viney:

Class   Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish     
 250 Pro Sport   #53  KAW     9th   7th   8th     
 Collegeboy (18-24)   #53  KAW     2nd   2nd   1st     
 Open Pro Sport   #53  KAW     8th   6th   6th 

Full results HERE.

It looks like the turnout was great for the event, so that’s a good sign. Next up on the amateur schedule is the Mini O’s at Gatorback in Gainesville, Florida. Hopefully, we have some more Canadian kids heading south for that one.

2020 Schedule Rumours

Like I said in last week’s Frid’Eh Update, it looks like there will be some changes to the MX schedule in 2020 here in Canada.

I spoke with Jetwerx owner Justin Thompson in Hamilton and, although he couldn’t say anything specific, he definitely admitted that there are changes coming.

Here’s my Pros and Cons list of the 8 outdoor tracks that we hit in 2019:

The West

Round 1: Wild Rose – Calgary, AB


  • the track is a real MX National track
  • the track is located IN the city of Calgary
  • the track is close to a major airport
  • hotels are close by


  • weather can be iffy in late May/early June
  • spectator turnout seemed weak in 2019

Round 2: Blackwater MX – Prince George, BC


  • every rider I’ve ever spoken to absolutely loves the race track
  • it’s great for photos
  • lots of hotel options
  • the host hotel was amazing to deal with
  • city really seems to back the event


  • spectator turnout was weak in 2019
  • cell service is spotty
  • weather can be iffy in early June
  • parking

Round 3: McNabb Valley MX – Minnedosa, MB


  • every rider I’ve ever spoken to loves the track
  • the pits are perfect
  • the natural terrain makes for a really good track


  • track is located a long way from a major city
  • track is located a long way from a major airport
  • ticks
  • cell service
  • spectator turnout was weak in 2019

NOTE: There are said to be 4 rounds in the west for 2020. Where do we go for the extra round, is the question.

Do we hop back onto the BC Ferries and return to Nanaimo? Do we revisit the Mission, BC option? Does Kamloops come back and piggyback the WCAN? Is Popkum back in the conversation? Will Saskatchewan or somewhere else in Manitoba get a chance?

The East

Round 4: Gopher Dunes – Courtland, ON


  • probably our most famous track
  • pits are perfect
  • lots of spectators
  • presentation is great
  • track runs a team


  • track makes riders cry
  • spotty cell service
  • track is a fair distance to major airport

Round 5: Sand Del Lee – Ottawa, ON


  • closest track to the nation’s capital, Ottawa
  • riders like the track
  • track runs a team
  • nice presentation


  • cell service is spotty
  • spectator turnout seemed low in 2019

Round 6: River Glade MX – Moncton, NB


  • track is a longstanding stop on the tour
  • good spectator turnout
  • great presentation
  • only round in the maritimes
  • nice pits


  • local rider turnout is pretty low

Round 7: MX Deschambault – Deschambault, PQ


  • riders all like the track
  • ECAN ends and Pro National takes over
  • only stop in Quebec


  • pit parking
  • track owner has a reputation as being difficult to deal with
  • it’s said that many Quebec riders are hesitant to spend their money there

Round 8: Walton Raceway – Walton, ON


  • TransCan ends and Pro National takes over
  • traditionally the final round of the season
  • riders like the track
  • presentation is top notch


  • fair distance to a major city

If we were to lose Deschambault in the east, it likely also means searching for a new venue for the ECAN, and that makes the puzzle even trickier to put together.

Let me point out, this is just speculation and spitballing. It’s our silly season, so it’s fun to throw ideas around and guess at what may or may not be coming down the pike for the new season.

Keep in mind, the decisions are already being made, so what I say here has no bearing on anything. The official schedule is promised to be out by December 1st.

If the schedule stayed the same out west with the addition of another round somewhere, I’d be perfectly happy, and the same goes for the east.

OK, as I’ve sat here typing, the wind has actually picked up, so my perfect cycle this afternoon won’t be quite so…perfect. It’s sunny and heading to 16 so I’ll go with the old cycling adage that the wind is your “invisible training partner.” Hey, whatever gets you out the door, right?

Have a great week, everyone.

See you at the races…