New AX/SX Format Should Mean More Entries and Fans

By Billy Rainford

On Monday the MRC and the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Tour announced some major changes to the racing format in the Arenacross and Supercross portions of the 2020 Rockstar Triple Crown series.

Earlier, in an attempt to help teams and riders logistically, they announced the Arenacross series will start in the east and work its way west in 2020.

Instead of going from Alberta and ending in Ontario (which meant riders and teams would then have to get all the way back out to Calgary for the start of the Motocross series), they will now finish in the same city as the MX series will start, Calgary.

Here’s a look at the format changes for the AX and SX series:

While the Arenacross series is 4 rounds, the Supercross series at the end of the season is just 2 rounds this year, Quebec City and Hamilton. Historically, many non-factory Pro riders have seen this as just too difficult a schedule to earn points–one mistake and your series and money could wasted. Effectively, this new format makes the indoor portions much more attractive to all Pro riders.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

2019 points available:

With 4 rounds of AX and 3 rounds of SX (7 altogether), total points available were 175 (7 X 25).

2020 points available:

With 4 rounds of AX and 2 rounds of SX (6 altogether), total points available actually go up to 300 (6 X 25 X 2) even with 1 fewer round than in 2019.

These extra points, due to the 2-moto format each night, should result in more riders showing up to try and make the night shows, and especially the A Mains (10 riders in AX and 12 in SX).

Not only that, spectators can now expect to see nothing but points-paying racing the entire time they are sitting in their seats at the arenas. It really should be a win/win situation for both riders and fans.

Kudos to the organization for making some changes that should add some more excitement and possibilities moving forward.

Here’s what the points breakdown looks like for the A Mains and B Mains (from the 2020 Pro Rider Package):