New SX Practice Track Near London Photos | “If You Build It, They Will Come” | Cade, Josh, and Tanner

By Billy Rainford

I hadn’t used the old Field of Dreams reference until Pete Brooks (AKA The Maniac Mechanic) pointed out just how similar the whole thing looked. Now I have to force myself not to overuse it.

When I saw this new, legit-looking Supercross practice track on Tanner Ward‘s Instagram, I wasn’t sure what to think. Then, Cade Clason and Josh Cartwright came by for a visit so I wandered out to the track Brandon Dean from Vision Built Tracks built and I have to say I’m extremely impressed!

Brandon used to work on tracks around SWO back in the CMX days and he’s actually helping the Jetwerx crew get the Montreal Supercross track ready. Suffice it to say, he knows what he’s doing around tracks on heavy machinery.

And the best thing about this whole thing is that I’m from my front door in London and parked at the track in 40 minutes! Tanner said he was there in 15 from his place in Woodstock.

Brandon has some pretty big plans for the place and it should just keep getting better and better.

Here are some photos from a perfect Sunday afternoon at the track.

Brandon Dean sits and watches some top Pro riders rip up the track he built.
Maggie gets her moment on Josh’s bike.
#12 Cade Clason is the new guy on the team and spent the day trying some new parts, like these trick engine mounts.
How about that factory seat bump he whipped up?
Broke out the artsy lens for a few minutes.
That’s for you, Julien Perrier.
OK, this one too.

I took too many shots, so let me just choose few here…

#14 Tanner Ward put in a few motos on his 250.
Like a lot of riders, Tanner is in a contract year.
He’s talking to a few teams but Cade wouldn’t let him say any more because I’d figure it out.
Tanner mid way over the Supercross triple.
He should land somewhere solid with his skills.
His 450 teammate Cole Thompson is also in a contract year.
The corn and the rolling hills muffle the sound very well. That’s a huge bonus.
Josh Cartwright just wrapped up the 450 Pro title in the Challenge Quebec MX series.
Josh always finds a good balance between serious training and having some fun.
Josh was running his MX suspension so he wasn’t quite on the gas like he wanted to be.
Jumping into the whoops from the wall jump.
This practice track will help lots of pro riders get the SX experience needed to do well in this discipline.
Brandon and the gang were pumped to have these guys ripping up their track and giving feedback.
This new PRMX ride should see Cade with support for the entire AMA Supercross season, too.
Cade blitzing the whoops…backwards.
Cade will be back in Supercross for the first time since his WADA suspension.
They asked me to stop after 3 ‘Children of the Corn’ references…”He want’s you, too, Malachi…he wants you, too.”
Talking a few things over with Brandon.
All 3 riders put in a few sessions before calling it a day.
Josh helped Cade with a few starts.
Then we goofed around with a few tandem wheelies through the whoops.
Field of Dreams, for sure.
The guys are going to work on some more grooming equipment and a watering system.
Talking some things over with Brandon at the end of the day.
Thanks for the invite, boys. This has all the makings of something pretty positive for the sport.
I think Josh speaks for the entire industry about this cool, new practice track. Oh, and, “See you at the races…”

Follow Brandon and what’s going on at the track on Instagram @visionbuilt_tracks

Good luck with everything, and we’ll be sure to keep checking in to see how things are developing.