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Red Alert Urgent Update.....Gopher Dunes CMRC Finale Sandstorm MX, Vintage & ATV Racing is post-poned!!
Everything has been post-poned to Sunday, October 23 -- due to an all-day rain on Wednesday, all-night rain on
Thursday with more rain in the forecast for today and all weekend along with high winds gusting up to 50 kph. 
All events announced in our previous emails should still be happening, with the exception of the Live ME Cup Supercross
Party....which you can now watch in the comfort of your own home, but keep your bikes loaded for the following weekend! 
The tracks have been over-saturated with standing-water, as well as the parking areas and laneways. 
Gopher Dunes is closed today and will be open for practice riding this weekend from 11am to 6pm both days on the
main track and pee-wee track, but the trails will be closed  (providing ground conditions still allow). 
For more details or updates visit www.gopherdunes.com .. You can email us at info@gopherdunes.com  or call:  519-842-2781
or 519-688-2413  Pro Shop:  519-688-4075   Frank  C: 519-688-7578   Barb  C: 519-688-8461  Derek C: 519-842-1041 
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