PR: Pro-Action Suspension and Two Wheel Motorsport is your shop for spring!

Greetings racers and enthusiasts,

Pro-Action Suspension <>
 and Two Wheel Motorsport <

have been involved in the Canadian Motorcycle Racing Club (CMRC)
and American Motorcycle Association (AMA) for many years supporting
Canada’s top racing contenders as well as top American contingents.

Team Two Wheel <>
 had established itself as one of the highest profile racing
affiliated shops within the Canadian circuit back in the early to mid
90’s. The national and local race domination brought both regional
and national recognition far beyond anyone’s expectations to the
once small Kawasaki only dealership.

The historical background of both Pro-Action Suspension
 and Two Wheel Motorsport <>
 could often be called a fairytale in Canadian motocross history. From
the Pro National championship years of 1997,1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001
with the only Kawasaki factory supported program in Canada. To the
rebuilding of Suzuki’s race program from 2005 to 2011 in a joint
venture with OTSFF/Suzuki. The list of attributes has remained
consistent, Pro-Action Suspension
 and Two Wheel Motorsport <>
has the technical know-how, knowledge, dynamic facility, trained
people, inventory, and desire to properly prepare any level of
motocross enthusiast for the upcoming season of racing.

Although the once dominant race teams have been phased out by the
worldwide volatile economy, the services and support from Pro-Action
Suspension <>
 and Two Wheel Motorsport <>
 is still very much alive and working daily to provide you with “The
Best Ride possible” and we have been “Leading the pack for over 35

From the selection of quality Kawasaki and Suzuki competition
racebikes, loads of parts and accessory inventory, MTO fully licensed
& factory trained motorcycle mechanics, to the fully stocked
suspension modification and repair center. Not another dealership or
shop can boast the same anywhere in Canada.

To get the 2012 racing season underway, Pro-Action Suspension
 has put together many exciting offers for the motocross and off-road
riding enthusiast.

Check out the March special at

the extensive development and r&d of do-it-yourself Pro-Action fork
and shock valving kits at
 the complete Pro-Action service center services
 to the complete engine building and machine shop services

When it comes to motocross, Pro-Action
 and Two Wheel
 have got you covered.

See you at the Races!

775757 Ontario Inc o/a
5473 Hwy. 6 North R.R. 5
(519) 836-1957
Fax: (519) 836-1952

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