Johnny Montes Update

We spotted this update today on Johnny Montes recovery over on the Atlantic MX facebook page. It is from his sister Patty Wright.

Hello to all of the Motocross community! I am Johnny Montes sister. I know everybody is quite concerned and wondering how he is doing. Well, we are on day 6. Wednesday morning he was in a car accident on the way to work. Truck rolled twice and he was ejected from the vehicle. He has not yet been awake, he is in a highly induced coma and machines are breathing for him. He has 3 broken vertabrae in his neck, 3 broken bones in face, shattered left wrist, severely bruised lungs, and alot of staples in his head. On friday they tried to reduce his sedation meds to see how his brain would respond. The brain began swelling and the pressure in the brain went up, so the meds were increased again. Sunday night he spiked a fever which was still an issue as of last night. They believe pneumonia is setting in to his lungs. Fingers crossed it isnt as he doesnt need to add fuel to the fire. Yesterday's CT Scan showed no changes but they decided to try again to lower sedation meds, as of last night brain pressure was remaining the same. Once I talk to them today I am hoping to have more information to share. Thanks for being so patient and supportive.


Please keep Johnny in your thoughts and prayers as he pulls through this.




The DMX team.

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