Catching up with...Aron Harvey

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Catching up with...Aron Harvey

Catching up with Aron Harvey......


Interview and Photos by James Lissimore


    Nevada's Aron Harvey is in his second year racing the Monster Energy CMRC Nationals for the mighty Toyota/Yamaha/Red Bull/Blackfoot/Fox Racing team and again he's playing catch up in the points. Last year he fought back to win four straight motos before breaking his femur at Moncton. This year he suffered two DNF's at the first round at Kamloops to start the season with zero points. Now he's steadily climbing back up the leader board and took his first win of the season last weekend at Shadow Valley Raceway in Morden, Manitoba. We caught up with the friendly American as he was munching on donuts to get his take on his season so far.....


Harvey waves to the Manitoba faithful after his second moto victory at Morden


Congrats on your win at Morden. After your disappointing start at Kamloops it must be nice to finally get back in the winners circle.

Yeah, it feels really good. You know the bikes...we had a problem with something in them, it wasn't anyone's fault and we just finally got our race motors at Morden, so we went way better and got good starts. It was good.


With your opening round DNF, has it affected the way you race? Do you find yourself hanging it out more now?

Not really, I'm just going to ride the same. I'm in a better position than I was last year at this time so I'm just going to do my best and see how it goes.

 Harvey leads Teddy Maier during the first moto at Morden


You're 22 points back from the championship lead right now. How do you close that gap?

I've just got to keep winning. I mean, everyone's riding good but I think we're working on a few things and I know what that is; got to keep that a secret but I think I've got a bit more in the tank. I'm just going to pin it and try and get some more 1-1's and I'll be there.


It's your second season racing in Canada. How do you find the series, and the country in general?

It's good. You know, the Canadians go fast on their tracks and there are Americans that are fast so it's good practice. The tracks are quite a bit different so it's good. It's definitely pretty up there and I enjoy it.


How do you find the fans have been treating you?

Good. I mean, they seem to like me. I'm not Canadian but they seem to like that I've got a positive attitude. I enjoy all of them and they seem to not mind me.


You've got Kyle Beaton as a teammate this year, how are you guys getting along? Is it tough with two title contenders under the same tent?

I don't know, not really. I mean, it's pretty much the same as if we were not on a team together. We do our own thing, we go race the motos and we just come back to the same pits. It's not really anything different, I guess. It's good having him, we talk about lines or whatever if we need to so that's good.


You've also got JSR working with the team. Has he helped you out too? Does he give you pointers?

Yeah, JSR helps a lot. I mean, he definitely helps me mentally and physically and just everything. He's been there and done that and he's been to the US and I really like him a lot. He's got me through so many things, just little things helping me here and there so it's really good to have him on the team.


That's great. Has there been anyone in the class this year that has surprised you? That you weren't expecting to be as fast as they've been?

No, not really. I mean, I don't go into the series thinking that anyone is going to be slow so it's pretty much turned out the way I thought it would be. But...I don't know, everyone's going good so that's good.

Aron tops the podium at Morden


OK, so what's next for you? What are you doing during the break before we resume at Gopher Dunes?

I'll just be sitting around eating donuts and watching TV mostly. Trying to get ready, you know.


Ha, OK. So is there anything you want to add?

I just want to thank my mechanic Ken(Thiessen), Joe(Skidd), Andrew(McLean) – all the guys are working super hard. Blackfoot, Yamaha, Toyota, Red Bull, Fox, the guys at Met Tec, my mom and my dad. Oh and I want to thank everyone from Carson and Reno that's cheering me on too.


OK, thanks Aron.


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