Moncton Photo Report

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Moncton Photo Report

By James Lissimore


We're hitting the home stretch here in the 2009 Monster Energy CMRC Nationals and this weekend we made it out to the picturesque River Glade MX track in Moncton, New Brunswick. As always, one of the largest and most passionate crowds of the season made their way out to cheer on their Atlantic hero's as they did battle with the cream of the Canadian crop. Once all was said and done we had some familiar winners but plenty of intense racing action on the track. Let's check out what happened.

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Despite Friday's heavy rain, the track was mint as Sunday morning dawned.
Kyle Beaton gets his game face on as he warms up for practice.
The Allison twins practice syncronized stretching.
Marc-Antoine Genereux parked his 450 in favour of his 250F this weekend.
We saw a couple Atlantic pros we haven't seen yet this year. Charlie Smith rode to 20th ovearall in MX1.
Another Atlantic rider was David Estabrooks who got 24th in MX1.
Tyler Medaglia tries to start a new fashion trend with his orange logger suspenders.
Mitch throws out a fresh whip for the hometown fans.
Dusty Klatt had been sizing up this jump since last year but finally in the first practice session he tripled up the double step up section.
To celebrate his new jump, the "Klatt-a-pult" he pulled one of his signature one footers.
Not to be outdone, little Beets aired out the triple step up on his 250F followed by his protoge Spencer Knowles. None of the 250F's did it in the race though as you had to go way outside to make it.
The MX2 Championship has turned into a two horse race between these guys.
Kyle Beaton grabbed the moto 1 holeshot.
Quebec rider, Jonathan Parise, quickly got by on the first straightaway but Beets passed him right back on the next one.
Beaton lead the early going with Jeremy Medaglia chasing.
Medaglia rode solidly in second and got by Beaton for the lead when he got sideways and ended up off the track.
Jared Allison toughed it out with his seperated shoulder, only to have his motor lock up on him halfway through the moto. He bounced back for a solid 6th in moto two.
Eric Nye worked his way up from a bad start to get fourth at the end.
Teddy Maier also got a bad start but bided his time, slowly picking guys off till he took the lead from Jeremy Medaglia.
OTSFF Suzuki's Hungarian rider, Balasz Deczi finished 12th in the first moto before dnf'ing moto two.
Teddy Maier took his fourth moto win of the season.
Nick Evennou added another Leading Edge bike to the podium, taking third.
Jeremy Medaglia's second was his best moto finish of the year so far, and second podium appearance since switching to the MX2 class.
Die hard moto baby.
The Cernic's riders Planes, Trains and Automobiles ordeal that they had to go through to get to Moncton certainly weared on Paul Carpenter.
Jeff Northrop grabbed the moto one holeshot.
Colton Facciotti and Bobby Kiniry battled for the early lead.
Jack Carpenter rode in third during the early going before finishing fifth.
Dusty Klatt went down hard on the first lap. After remounting in last, he put on the comeback charge of the season, riding all the way back to second by moto's end.
Johnny Montes cheers on his Atlantic brothers.
Klatt comes in on Kiniry to take second place with a few laps to go.
The characteristically large crowds were out in force at River Glade.
Bobby Kiniry was pumped to get his first podium of the season.
Eric Nye nudged out Kaven Benoit to take the moto two holeshot.
Aron Harvey got by Nye to take the early lead.
The high speed grass section was a mess due to Friday's rain and the cause of a lot of crashes. Here, PJ Stratton gets out of shape but saves it.
Teddy Maier got another bad start but worked his way by riders like Kyle McGlynn to take the third spot in the moto and the overall win.
Nick Evennou had a podium spot locked up while running a comfortable fourth in the moto but went down hard and had to go to the hospital to get his injured kidney looked at. Luckily he's sore but OK.
Maier, Nye and Harvey made up the MX2 podium.
This year marked the first time that River Glade held a round of the Women's series.
Naturally, Heidi Cooke took the win in front of her hometown fans. Denaye Giroux and Ontario up and comer Kate McKerroll rounded out the podium.
It was all Blackfoot up front in MX1 moto two as Dusty Klatt got out front with Colton Facciotti in tow.
The two went at it hard for over half the moto, with Dusty gaining a little time every lap by jumping the "Klatt-a-pult" while Colt would make it back elsewhere.
Paul Carpenter ran all alone in third.
Tyler Medaglia and Bobby Kiniry had a solid battle for fourth going on.
Unfortunately, Kiniry's good day ended with a blown motor and a long walk back to the pits.
Just past the halfway point, Klatt started to make a few mistakes and Facciotti jumped on them to take the lead and the moto sweep.
Rod Snelgrove and an injured Ryan Lockhart present Mitch Cooke with the Brian House Memorial award for the top finishing Atlantic rider. It was the first year since the awards inception in 2006 that Lockhart didn't win.
Klatt, Facciotti and Paul Carpenter. Your MX1 podium.
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