Tech Feature: Behind the Team Bikes

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Tech Feature: Behind the Team Bikes

By James Lissimore



   Welcome to the final installment of our look at the team bikes that make up the pro pits at the Canadian Motocross Nationals. We thought we'd save the best for last as we check out the Yamaha YZ450F of former MX2 and MX1 Champion, Dusty Klatt, of the powerhouse Toyota/Yamaha/Red Bull/ Racing team(now there's a mouthfull!). The Blackfoot bikes are consistently the trickest machines in the pits and Dusty's steed is no exception. With Colton Facciotti and Klatt going 1-2 in the championship there's no doubt that these bikes perform as well as they look.

As well, Klatt's mechanic knows a thing or two about taking a stock bike and making it championship worthy. As the mechanic for all of Jean-Sebastien Roy's Canadian Championships, Andrew McLean has pretty much seen it all. Let's take a look at what makes a championship winning bike like this stand out from your stock machine.


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Dusty Klatt's Yamaha YZ450 oozes trickness.
The team runs Renthal handlebars perched atop RG3 triple clamps. Klatt prefers the softer flex of the crossbar-less 'Fat Bar' while Facciotti choose to run the stiffer Twin Wall bar.
One of the trickest pieces on the Blackfoot 450's are these custom, handmade aluminum fuel tanks.
The custom DrD titanium headpipes have this extra piece welded on to increase headpipe volume.
The team has been running DrD exhaust systems since their switch to Yamaha's in 2007.
Instead of the traditional brake return spring, Klatt's bike features this handy coil spring that sits over the plunger.
The team runs Haan wheels.
The team's suspension is handled by their own in-house wizard, Joe Skidd, who's suspension company goes by "Superior Suspension Settings" or "SSS"
Cycra supplies the plastic for the team, including these low profile hand guards.
Carbon fiber abounds on the Blackfoot bikes.
To help boost reliability, Klatt and Facciotti's bikes also feature oil coolers to help keep engine temps down when things get hot.
McLean doesn't take any chance when it comes to Klatt's front brake bolt coming loose, using plenty of safety wire to keep it in place.
A Works Connection skid plate and a Light Speed carbon fiber case guard help protect the engine from errant rocks.
The team is also running Excel's beefy A60 rim.
Blackfoot's engine performance mods are handled by long time sponsor, PR2.
Another Cycra piece are these rad shrouds with a built in venting scoop.
A brake snake keeps Klatt's rear brake pedal from getting bent back in a crash.
This heat shield keeps the hot engine from warming up up the carburetor.
Like the OTSFF suzuki bikes, Blackfoot is also running modified steering dampers on their machines.
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