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Received this update about Frank Barry from Elisabeth Barry:

After a life changing accident in 2006, Frank didn't just fall off the face 
> > of the planet.
> > -Him and I have started an extremely successful off-road riding park on 800 
> > acres of family land in Busby, Alberta, with amazing results
> > -He's been featured on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet for ice racing
> > -He's won pretty much every endurance ice race class he's entered in the last 
> > few years, including Numb Bum in 2010 and most likely this year
> > -He won a few provincial MX titles in BC in 2010 while we were waiting for 
> > him to get a third ACL put in his right leg
> > -He beat Jason Schrage, Canada's former top off road rider at a harescramble 
> > we held at our house despite not having ridden at all prior to the race
> > -We've hosted 3 CMRC harescrambles at our park
> > -He came in 4th one year, and 3rd the next at the Second Gear Club's infamous     
> > Corner Grass Harescramble and obstacle race with no prior experience
> > -He's road raced a few times at Calgary and Edmonton's tracks to maintain his 
> > intermediate status.
> > -He won several titles on the local Alberta Oldtimers Circuit with no 
> > practice, which features pros such as Cale and Aaron Barr, Tyler Chopyk, and 
> > the Currington brothers
> > -We won a regional business award for BUMP MX in 2010
> > -He personally won a coveted Top 20 Under 30 award for young business people 
> > based out of the Edmonton area in 2010
> > -He's the 2012 cover boy and darling of the regional Alberta tourist 
> > magazine, Wild Alberta
> > -He's sponsored and promoted Victoria Hett, the top female off road rider in     
> > Canada since 2010
> > -He started a suspension and mechanical business that he can barely keep up 
> > with year round
> >
> > If anyone hasn't fallen off the face of riding, it's my spouse Frank. While 
> > he doesn't get any media attention from the mainstream mx / off road 
> > magazines, he's quietly built what we like to call the busiest privately 
> > owned riding facility in Alberta right in our own back yard. He's definitely     
> > a success story for what can happen after a pro's career is cut short, and I     
> > encourage you to check his activities out at In fact, as I     
> > type this he's probably picking up another first place on the Alberta 
> > Endurance Ice Racing circuit.
> >
> > Elisabeth.

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