DMX's Guide to 2012 Canadian MX Teams

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DMX's Guide to 2012 Canadian MX Teams

Direct Motocross’s Guide to 2012 Canadian Motocross Teams

We're in a unique position here in 2012 as usually in Canada most riders don't know who they'll be riding for till a week before the first round but we're early in the new year and most have found homes for the coming season already. We thought we'd break down who's riding where this coming summer. Of course, the big news for 2012 is the folding of the mightly Blackfoot Yamaha team which shook up the ranks a bit. With two of their three riders moving over to KTM and Tyler Medaglia electing to do his own Honda deal, there's still no shortage of Yamaha's in the field as you'll see below.


This list is a work in progress. If you have any additions, corrections or team name changes that need to be made, please email me at and we'll get it added.

I'm going to revise this list every week. Revisions and additions from the previous week will be in italics. Please keep sending any updates you may have.



Factory KTM Canada Racing

MX1    – Colton Facciotti

            - Dusty Klatt

MX2    - Jeremy Medaglia



Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki

MX1    - Matt Goerke

MX1    - Tyler Villopoto

MX2    - Teddy Maier

           - Kyle Beaton

            - Tyler Sjoberg



Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha

MX1    - Bobby Kiniry

MX2    - Richard Grey



Viral Lubricants/Troy Lee Designs/Powersports Honda/Gopher Dunes Racing

MX1    - Tyler Medaglia



Yamalube Schraders SMX Racing Yamaha

MX1    - Shawn Maffenbeier

           - Shawn Robinson


WMX   - Denaye Giroux


Yamalube Troy Lee Designs Yamaha

MX2    - Jared Allison

     -       Parker Allison

     -       Bryton Allison



Factory Yamaha/Machine Racing/Troy Lee Designs Race Team

MX1    - Kyle Keast



PR-MX TM Kermaxx Racing - East Rounds

MX1    - Liam O’Farrell

MX2    - P.O. Lavigne

            - Davey Fraser


GA Checkpoint Yamaha

MX2    - Spencer Knowles



Holeshot Honda

MX2    - Kevin Lepp



MPH WMXtreme Honda - East Rounds

MX2    - Nathan Bles



Hully Gully Yamaha

MX2    - Dylan Kaelin



Team JBR Honda

MX1    - Jay Burke


Redemption Racing Kawasaki

MX2 - Eric Jeffery


Transcanada Motorsports/FXR Racing - West Rounds

MX1 - Josh Penner

MX1 - Brady Breemersch

MX2 - Aaron Pfrimmer

MX2 - Josh Pfrimmer

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