Frid'Eh Update #7 Presented by GAMMA SALES

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Frid'Eh Update #7 Presented by GAMMA SALES

By Kyle Carruthers, James Lissimore, and Billy Rainford


Hey DMX fans, Kyle here, and welcome to another edition of the DMX Frid’Eh Update Brought to you this week by our new friends at Gamma Sports. It is a busy weekend here for the DMX team. James is down in Dallas with Steve Matthes and the PulpMX crew covering Cole Thompson's first AMA supercross race. While he is doing that, I am down here in Indianapolis at the annual Indy Dealer Expo and Billy and Allison are back in Ontario working on some awesome content upcoming on the site.


This week’s Update is brought to you by Fly Racing and Gamma Sales! Fly and Gamma support a number of riders throughout Canada and I know talking to my friend Jared Stock he loves the fit, the quality, and the durability of it.

Check out the all new Fly Zenith Neck Brace and be sure to go to to see their full range of products.


Looks like a Leatt Brace, eh? Well you're right because it practically is and comes with the same great quality! Go to your local Gamma dealer and check one out today as well as follow this link.


This is Frid'Eh Update #7 and that means this update is dedicated to one of Canadian motocross's adopted sons, Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha rider, Bobby Kiniry. Bobby has been racing north of his border for a few years now and the series just wouldn't be the same without his trademark smile. He could be called 'The Smiling Assassin' because behind that smile lies the heart and determination of one of the most dedicated and intense riders you will ever meet. He will be the first to tell you he isn't happy with running the big #7 in 2012. Bobby expects a lot of himself and finishing out of the top spot does not sit well with him.


He's busy as a fill-in rider on the Star-Valli Yamaha team in the Supercross class for injured rider Ryan Morais, but we did an interview with him a couple weeks ago that you can check out here. In this interview, he talks about getting the chance to ride for this new team and also this coming summer on the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha team where he is determined to finish the season with a much lower number. Good luck this weekend in Dallas, Bobby.

Don't let the smile fool you. I believe the term 'wolf in sheep's clothing' applies with Bobby Kiniry, when it comes to his approach to racing.

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Danny Brault at KTM Canada sent a couple things over this week, so be sure check them out if you're in the Montreal area next weekend:


Make sure to stop by the KTM dealer booth, supported by Duroy, QuadPro and Monette Sports, at next weekend’s Montreal Motorcycle Show. The guys will have many 2012 MX, off-road and street models on display, as well as appearances by Kaven Benoit, JSR and Ben Milot. Rumour has it that KTM is also making an exciting announcement pertaining to a new adventure ride event this fall, stay tuned.


Like most of these shows, there’s lots of socializing to be done. On Friday night, Ben Milot and his crew are holding a ‘Factory Night’ party (see attached for details) and then on Saturday KTM and Meet All Productions are hosting a Supercross party. Benoit, JSR and Milot will be there, along with the Ladies Class MX calendar girls and many industry folk. Tickets are only $10 and you’ll be able to watch live SX coverage, win cool prizes and bench race with Canada’s King of MX, JSR. Party on Wayne and party on Garth!


I think we should put Danny to the test and ask HIM to translate these for us


I love this Indy dealer expo weekend. It is full of good people, good times, and we get to see many of the new and innovative products getting launched for 2012. I, for one, am pretty pumped to go over and see Brad and Brady at the Matrix booth and also saying hi to our good friends at RacerX. I know Bryan Stealey and Davey Coombs are in town and it is always good to bounce ideas off two of the most successful guys in moto. Last night I enjoyed a few cocktails with Josh from Renegade Fuels. Pretty awesome to sit down and get an inside look at a guy’s life like Josh. Josh has some interesting stories from the racing world, so look for a full interview with him here on DMX soon and look for a full photo report here next week from the Indy Expo and pardon my Lissimore-less camera skills.


I was excited to see the PR this week announcing Nathan Bles and his new team for 2012. John Wernsdorfer at MPH/WMX has a great program and it will be cool to see another Honda out there going for the top five. Nathan will also be writing a blog here on DMX this year and it is going to have some cool things in it and lots of talk about his sponsors. Just another thing we have going on here at DMX this summer.


Have you been to MX FORUM lately? It is green! Congrats to Kyle Beaton on making the main in San Diego and we can’t wait to see you do it again when the series returns west. OK Cole Thompson, your turn now! I also heard rumours this week that Calgary-born rider John John Pauk may also be racing Dallas. Billy will have more on that later.


Ok, I have to get back to the grind and back to the show floor, so, as always, I am going to leave this with the crew. Everyone have a safe and racing-packed weekend! Now, over to Billy.


Thanks Kyle, and have fun 'working' at the Indy Trade Show this weekend. It's Billy here and we've had a very busy week here at DMX and that's not about to change anytime soon. As I type this from the sunshine of World Media HQ/my livingroom floor, the little bit of remaining snow is melting away faster than James Stewart's chances of breaking Jeremy McGrath's 72 supercross wins record! Too soon? It's mid-February and we've been able to put the ugliness of Valentine's Day behind us and focus on more important things like getting down south to do some riding and training!


Sidenote: Would it be better for us to be jerks 364 days of the year but be nice on February 14th? No?  Then you shouldn't be upset that we don't put too much stock in over-doing it once a year on Valentine's Day. As my Facebook status, I was going to post that I was lying on my couch with a beer in my hand, watching hockey, but I thought that was too cruel to those who were busy getting yelled at for not caring enough to go spend money on roses, chocolates, lingerie, and an over-priced bottle of wine at the one local 'fancy' restaurant people go to on special occasions...but I'm not bitter! I had a girl friend say that she hated Valentine's invitations go out shortly. But, as usual, I digress.


Where were we...oh yes, heading south for riding, racing, and training. One of our pro riders planning to just that is Varna, Ontario's Nathan Bles. If Varna sounds strangely familiar, it's because it was the location of that iconic chunk of clay known as Hully Gully. Nathan just officially signed to ride a Honda 250F done up by John Wernsdorfer from MPH/WMX Racing. He is the same guy who put that rocket ship of a biike under Taylor Miller last year. We interviewed Nathan this week and will have that up as soon as the ink dries on this Update. He plans to head to GPF (Georgia Practice Facility) for the month of March to prepare for this coming MX2 season. 

Nathan testing Taylor Miller's 'rocket ship' MPH/WMX Honda 250f at X-Town last fall.

Bigwave photo


Kyle mentioned the start of the East Coast Lites SX season tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. I had the opportunity to watch this round with Ryan Lockhart and Jeff Mort last year when I was at the Oak Hill Amateur Nationals. James is there this year and I have to say that it's difficult to pay attention with that gazillion square foot screen that sits above your head. Cole Thompson makes his much-anticipated debut in the Lites class. I've had the chance to see Cole race a lot in the US the past few years and I can say, with confidence, that he belongs up near the front of the pack. With good starts, he can, and will, be a contender. This isn't pressure, Cole, it's support. You've got the supportive cheers of Canada with you while you're out on the track and we will all be at the edges of our seats yelling at our televisions--kinda like last weekend in the Lites LCQ. By the way, if Cole makes it into the main, MX Forum goes red, unless Cole would prefer a different colour.


While going over the names on the Dallas pre-entry list, I noticed another Canadian making his debut in the Lites class. John John Pauk will be riding for the Hansen Racing Team on his Kawasaki KX250f. His teammates are Matt Lemoine and Nick Myers. I gave him a call Thursday to see what he had to say and he mentioned that he will now be competing on the team in the outdoors as well. He's pretty excited to get this weekend going. He has the same 'motor guy' he's had since his mini days and his mechanic is Alex Fredricks. John John calls Houston home now, but be sure to cheer for the #655 Kawasaki tomorrow night.

Both Cole Thompson and John John Pauk will make their AMA Supercross Lites debuts this weekend in Dallas. This is why I always say, "Take lots of pictures today because..."

Bigwave photo


Have a look at this new product from Eksobionics. It may not be a cure for spinal cord injuries, but it sure is a positive step in helping people deal with them!


Things over at MX Forum have taken a step in the right direction, lately. They are in the midst of doing a full server change and updating the program, but at least they figured out how to make the site go green for Kyle Beaton making it into the main event in San Diego. Darren 'Pillow' Pilling mentioned that, in the future, we could run certain colours and special effects for sponsors to draw attention to promotions etc. Sounds good.


I spoke with the CMRC's Brett Lee and he told me the Southwestern Ontario schedule will be out soon. There was a meeting last week here in London between all the different clubs. Some of the items talked about included; trying to have similar raceday pricing, clubs using common transponders, scheduling, and rules. Brett felt that it was a positive step for motocross in Ontario.


I spoke to Gopher Dunes' Derek Schuster about whether or not Team Viral Oils, TLD, Powersports Honda, Gopher Dunes Racing team's (we really need a catchy short-form for that!) Tyler Medaglia was going over to Dubai for a race, and it will not be happening. International Visas take at least four weeks to process and they just didn't have time to get everything sorted out. Derek figured it was just as well because it would have taken Tyler away from the great practice he's been getting down at GPF with his brother, Jeremy. He also mentioned that, by the way Tyler has been going through chains and sprockets, he must be training a ton down there.


On a sad note, Derek's dad, Frank Schuster, lost his mom this past Tuesday. Our condolensces go out to the entire Schuster family.


I also heard a rumour that Redemption Racing's Josh Snider is considering not competing at the nationals this summer. As of this update, I was unable to get in touch with him, but this rumour came with the news that the team will still continue. Stay tuned for more on this.


KTM Canada sent over some very impressive sales figures this past week. I guess what we all thought was true, is--KTM is slowly taking over the world and resistance is futile! If you missed the release, you can comb over the numbers here.


The Ontario Arenacross Championship continues next weekend and there is lots going on at the Wallaceburg facility. Here is some information that MPI's Mark Perrin sent over:

Ontario Arenacross Facility in Wallaceburg, Presents a New Track Layout For Round 2 of the Ontario Arenacross Championship Saturday, February 25.

Open Family Day, Monday February 20th, 11:00am to 8:00pm


February 17, 2012 – The Ontario Arenacross Facility has changed the layout of our 6 lane track for the upcoming second round of the Ontario Arenacross Championship. The New Track Layout was remodeled yesterday and is open for practice during our regular scheduled hours, as well as on Family Day, Monday February 20th from 11:00am to 8:00pm.

The second round of the Ontario Arenacross Championship in Wallaceburg will take place Saturday, February 25. Sign in is from 7:00am to 9:00am, with riders meeting at 9:15am and Practice beginning at 9:30am. Races are open to all riders and riding abilities, as we have a class for everyone!  For more racing information please visit our website.

Looking to stay the Weekend? The Oaks Inn Wallaceburg is offering $30 off a one night stay, simply show your Ontario Arenacross Membership card and stay the night for only $59.00 plus HST.

The Ontario Arenacross Facility Practice Hours are as follows:

Wednesdays - 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Thursdays - 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Fridays - 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Saturdays - 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Sundays - 12:00pm to 6:00pm

*Private Rentals are available by request

Enter to Win

From February 20th until Sunday, March 11 - All Practice Rides will give you one (1) entry to win a four (4) pack of Tickets to the Toronto Supercross, March 24, 2012 at the Roger Centre.

Additionally, Toronto Supercross Tickets can be purchased directly from MPI Sport Management at a reduced rate, saving over $10 per ticket. ($45 Gold Seats, $25 Blue Seats) or you can also enter ``MPI5`` as a Ticketmaster code and Save $5 per ticket.

Be sure to visit us on Facebook by clicking here.

For additional information on the Ontario Arenacross Championship please visit: For all questions or inquiries, please contact  or call 519 384 1067.


The auction that Kyle Beaton started for Brent 'Airmail' Worrall conitnues over at MX Forum. The Chad Reed jersey fetched over $1000.00 last week! There have been more jerseys put up as well as a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets. There will probably be even more things added after this weekend in Dallas.


We're working on acquiring sponsorship that would allow me to get south for the Atlanta, St Louis, and Daytona supercrosses to cover our guys and also every other Canadain down in Georgia and Florida practicing and racing in preparation for this coming race season. If it comes together, look for that to happen starting next weekend. My fingers are crossed. And now over to James to dock this baby.


Another week, another Supercross race. After watching Kyle Beaton make his first main event of the season last week and finishing with a career best 11th, I’m now down in Dallas getting ready for tomorrow's race at the monstrosity known as Cowboy Stadium. I just saw the note above from Billy about John John Pauk racing as well so it will be cool to see a couple more Canadians on the line this weekend.


Travelling to all these races, you end up with some weird travel situations sometimes. Last year, I ended up with a 24 hr stay in the Atlanta airport when a bunch of flights got cancelled and then there’s the usual delays and other stuff. Yesterday, I had a 6am flight to Chicago before heading from Chicago to Dallas (yes, Chicago is completely the wrong direction from Dallas, that’s what happens when you book a flight with points) and after sitting in the plane on the runway for an hour in the morning while they tried to fix a broken part, I had someone from United come up to me and tell me that my flight from Chicago to Dallas had been cancelled, pulled me off the flight and put me on a direct American Airlines flight to Dallas. If I hadn’t been stuck on that plane in Vancouver, I would have gotten to Chicago and been stuck there. It’s nice when travel plans actually work out for the better once in a while.


Matthes and I got in a day earlier than usual here in Dallas so last night we went out to watch the Dallas Stars play the Calgary Flames. Being a Canadian, it’s strange to go to an NHL game and see the arena half empty but the fans that were there seemed pretty passionate, which is a big difference from the Thrashers game we went to last year. Now we’re about to head down to where JFK was shot and check that out. The “Grassy Knoll” is just outside our hotel here.


Stars/Flames last night in Dallas.

James Lissimore photo


I know it’s already been addressed a few times here on DMX this week (make sure to check out Matthes’ podcast here if you didn’t already) but I was really happy to see Beaton finally make the main event this weekend. Kyle’s been working hard but things just weren’t quite going his way but I had a good feeling when he lined up for the LCQ. It just seemed like it was going to be his night. He did a great job of staying out of trouble in the main event and he was rewarded with his best ever finish in the main. Even not making mains until this point, I can’t see how all this racing against the best competition won’t help him come summer time. Hopefully, this will finally be the season Kyle can make it through healthy and in one piece.


Beaton blasts off the line alongside Martin Davalos (31) and Eli Tomac (17) last Saturday at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium.

James Lissimore photo


It was also great to see Bobby Kiniry make the main event. I was talking with Bobby right before the LCQ and he wasn’t too stoked on his chances of getting in. He went down in his heat race and couldn’t get the bike back into neutral to start it so for the LCQ he had the last gate pick but he managed to grab a great start, capitalize on the Weimer/Sipes dust up and grab the last transfer spot. He backed that up with a solid 14th in the main event. Bobby was mentioning how weird the new Yamaha felt when he first got on it and how much more dialed in the team had made it for him since his first race on it so that’s going to be a huge help for this summer as he makes the switch to the blue bike with the OTSFF team. We were also joking about the fact he’s going to be riding a Yamaha with a big number seven on it this summer.


Bobby Kiniry is making the most of his fill-in ride on the Star-Valli Yamaha team.

James Lissimore photo


Since Billy is the go to guy for all things Cole Thompson, I’m not going to say much other than I’m excited to see how he stacks up. The East is shaping up to be as, or more stacked than the west. Looking down the list and it’s going to be crazy: Barcia, Roczen, Baggett, Durham, Stewart, Cunningham, Bogle, Larsen, Wharton, Lemoine…it’s going to be deep. There are a few guys with links to the Canadian Nationals lining up as well with Tyler Sjoberg, Shawn Rife and Austin Politelli all slated to take on the East. It’s going to be a great night.


K, I’m going to wrap this up and do some sight seeing with Steve-O. Stay tuned to DMX for updates this weekend!


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