Video: Behind the Scenes of the Show

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Video: Behind the Scenes of the Show

By James Lissimore


If you're a fan of motocross and supercross then hopefully you've heard of the show. If not, you definitely need to check it out. Taking place on Monday nights at 6pm Pacific time, hosts Steve Matthes and Kenny Watson talk to the top riders and industry people in the sport, recap the weekend's action and hurl insults at each other. It's grown to be the largest internet radio show in the sport and personally, I love downloading the archived version from ITunes and listening to it while I travel.

While staying with Matthes, I had the chance to sit in on the past three shows so I put together a little behind the scenes video of the show. A bonus last week was having LA podium finisher, Zach Osborne in studio. Check the video out below and make sure to tune in Monday night to hear the show.



Awesome Video

Awesome Video James!

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