Moto Picks - Final Results!



Prizes are shipping this week guys! Thanks for playing! drt117118, I need your address. Please email Thanks!


Congrats to drt for the win, thanks to DMX for a great contest & to Parts Canada for fantastic prizes, let's make sure everyone that participated supports Parts Canada.


Thanks DMX. Pool was lots of fun. Bummed I was in the port-o-potty for the start of that Saturday round and missed my picks. I surely would have scored full points and taken the overall.


I'd like to thank the staff of DMX for the effort put into this, my computer for not crashing while entering my choices each week, my ISP for being slow enough to allow me to second guess my choices, and to Parts Canada for the great prizes.

Congrats to drt on the overall.....enjoy those bragging rights, as you savour the thrill of victory.

An E Z up? Whoa! Nice prize champ.

This had to be one of the most enticing Moto Pools that I have ever parrticipated. It was absolutely the most fun. The prizes put forth from the sponsers was great incentive. Although I have become first, second, third or other place loser, I still had fun.

Not making the top ten was a blow to my well being. With sponsers expecting more and not seeing any podiums, I may have to switch teams. Not giving up though, I can see maybe the Montreal Supercross as a venue if the sponsors and sanctioning body permit.
I will wipe the tear from my eyes with the Ogio T shirt I won two years ago during the Supercross series. For every winner there are many losers. This can only make me stronger next time. More training and more road biking might help.
Good job to the organizers, DMX , I had fun.
Congratulations to all the winners. Will you be putting on any moto pool schools?

if sprudace gets an e-z up

if sprudace gets an e-z up what does the series winner get ?? ho ya !! bragging right!! i won i won i won i won i won i won i won ha !!!! i will be there to defend my title


Sorry for the typo. You won

quasimoto's picture

Sorry for the typo. You won the E-Z Up, SPUDRACE won the gear bag (fixed now). Congrats again on a great performance!!!

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