Catching Up With...Westen Wrozyna

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Catching Up With...Westen Wrozyna

By Billy Rainford



This 15-year old has had quite an exciting 2012: He finished 5th in Supermini at Loretta Lynn’s, won Supermini at the Walton TransCan, and now just raced at the invitation-only Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. I got the chance to hang out with Westen Wrozyna and his family here in the desert and grabbed a quick interview with him as they were packing up and getting ready to head back to Newtonville, ON. Here are some of his thoughts on the whole experience.


Westen Wrozyna was the only Canadian racing at this year's ME Cup.

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DMX: Hey, Westen, we’re sitting poolside at Circus Circus on your last day in Las Vegas. I know it’s your first time here, so tell us a little about the experience.

Westen Wrozyna: The trip was really exciting. It was my first time on an airplane. Everything here is amazing. The people around here are crazy; they never sleep. It’s been a great experience. I you haven’t been here, you should come here at least once.


Now, I know you’re too young to enjoy everything this place has to offer. How has that been for you?

Nah, you don’t need to be old enough to gamble. You can be young and still have fun here.


How did this whole Monster Energy Cup thing happen for you?

Well, I guess I did well at my Loretta Lynn’s qualifiers and I got 5th in both my Supermini classes, so I guess that was good enough to get invited.


What did you think of it when you first got to Sam Boyd Stadium and saw the track?

The jumps were really big. It was really big and technical. There was this weird straightaway that they just did donuts and ripped it up. It was something I’ve never seen before; it was just odd. I’m good at whoops and in practice I hit that section the best, I guess. Everyone was slowing up and I was just pounding through it. I’m also really big so I could just push my way through it. If the bike got a little squirrely I could just pull it back.


With limited supercross experience, Westen was impressed when he saw the track.

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So, how were you feeling when you finally got out there in practice?

First practice went alright—I kind of got the track figured out. I got the finish line jump down but I didn’t get the whole thing dialed in. The next practice was a qualifier so I wanted to go out and do my thing. I’m not used to doing supercross so I just didn’t get the flow of the track. It was just really bad. It wasn’t really going the way I wanted it too.

In the second practice, I was doing a little better and got some of the sections dialed but it still wasn’t where I wanted to be. There was a big, steep double after the start and when I came around the corner it was hard-packed and as I hit it up the lip my back tire slid out and I did a humungous ‘Bubba Scrub’ but did not land it. I landed flat, broke my front brake lever, and hurt my shoulder. It wasn’t good. Qualifying practice did not go good and I got the worst gate pick ever.


How did your motos go?

The first moto started off really bad again. I’m too big for my bike so I knew I needed that jump off the gate and everyone was doing the same lines so the start was really important. I was told I kind of bumped the gate and wheelied. That sort of killed it because I had to let go and put the front end down. I was around 15th off the start and made my way up to 7th or 8th and I bailed really hard—I went over the bars. It was in the back section so at least it wasn’t in front of everyone. I think that if I didn’t crash I would have finished higher and represented Canada a lot better. I wish I’d done better in that moto.

In the second moto, again I got a bad start. I’m just too big for the bike. I’m glad I’m finally off the little bike. I think I was 12th or 14th and everyone started to just drop so I told myself to just make sure I don’t crash. I knew that if I stayed up I could do pretty good. That’s when I finally got the track dialed—I had everything good. I was hitting all my corners and then me and Sean Cantrell were going through the crowd and we kind of got stuck with each other. Once we hit our groove we just stayed in the same positions. We were just too far behind; you needed to start up at the front to finish up front. I’m kind of disappointed that I couldn’t get a start but hopefully I get another chance like this and I can show everyone that I can do better.


You mentioned that you’ll be moving up to the big bikes. What’s next for you?

Ya, I’m done with the small bike. My bike is now up for sale right now. I’m going to go right to big bikes. I’m not riding for anyone just yet but I’m going to ride 250B Stock and Intermediate in Canada. Hopefully, I can get on that big bike and get it dialed without wasting too much time.


What stood out most for you during this experience?

As far as the racing, just riding at the Monster Energy Cup. It was the most unbelievable thing. You’d go out and enter the stadium and lights would go off and the crowd would go crazy if someone crashed. I tried to not focus on that and then just spending time here with everyone—my family that came, all the Canadians, it was just a fun time overall. Just coming here was awesome!


He'll put this experience to good use as he moves to the big bikes for the coming year.

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Well, congratulations on making it to this event and chatting with us. Who would you like to thank?

Thanks. I’d like to thank Renegade Fuels, Keith from Phat MX, Von Zipper, Thor, SSS, Mr. D’s, Loudmouth Intakes, Ride Industries, the Foster family, MPH/WMXtreme, DMX, my mom and dad, the Thompson family, the GoHeens, the Hale family, the Wrights, the Mackens, the Whittingtons, Carl and Motopark, and County Line MX.

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Thanks for reading all the

Thanks for reading all the articles Davo439, I know the Wrozyna's appreciate the support!

Congrats on the great riding

Congrats on the great riding this year. My brother and I grew up in Newtonville just down the street from where Wrozyna lives, and it's very cool to see Newtonville getting mention when you read about Weston's race results.

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