On the Radar | Crayden Dillon | Scott Sports Canada

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Scott Sports Canada.

Name: Crayden Dillon

Age: 12

Hometown: Zephyr, Ontario

School and Grade: Scott Central, Grade 7

Number: 96

Bike: Yamaha 85

Classes: 65 GP, 65 (10-11) and 85 (7-11)

This week, #96 Crayden Dillon is ‘On the Radar.’ | Bigwave photo

How did you get started in racing and riding?

Well, that’s kind of a long story. I actually started racing snowcross when I was three. I was basically my dad’s excuse for him to go back racing and make his plus 30+ championship comeback in snowcross. I had so much fun racing that my dad bought me a 50 KTM that summer, built a track in our backyard, and we have been racing ever since.

What is your favourite track and why?

That is a tough question.  I really like my home track in the backyard that my dad has spent a lot of time on and made it pretty sweet these last few years. I live and train at MotoPark doing the Academy every summer so I really like it there, but I’d have to say my favourite track is probably Walton.

I like Walton because it’s a tough track, has deep ruts and big jumps. It has a little bit of everything I like in a track. I’ve always done pretty well there and Walton is where I learned to ride in the MUD!!!!

Who is your favourite rider and why?

My favourite riders are Jake Tricco and Sam Gaynor. I like these guys because I’ve watched them ride at MP since I was 4. I have lived and trained with them up at MP for four years now and have watched them come up through the same program as I’m in and turn Pro. They are nice guys and always have time to stop and talk for a bit.

Get used to seeing this face. Crayden is one of the young Canadian riders to keep an eye on…in moto AND on the snow! | Mom photo

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?

I look up to Marco Cannella because he came through the MP program too, won at Loretta’s turned Pro and kicked butt in his Rookie year and I think he is going to win one day.

Who is your hero?

My dad is my hero for making it possible to do all the racing that I want to do.

What are your goals for next season, and what is it going to take to reach them?

My goals for next season are to do well in the 85 (12-16) and Supermini classes. It’s going to be tough moving up, but I think I can still win motos if I train hard, work out and keep focused on winning.

What is your favourite part about going to the races?

Winning motos is the best part. There is really nothing better than that feeling. I also like hanging out with all my friends every weekend at different tracks.

Crayden has a pretty solid list of achievements in snowmobile racing. | Mom photo

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

When I’m not racing I like to ride my bicycle, do flips on my trampoline, fishing and pretty much anything outside.

I see you also race snowmobiles, too. What are your winter racing plans? How has it been going?

Yes, I have been racing sleds as long as I’ve been racing bikes. I really love racing sleds and everything about winter. It’s been going really well, I’ve won lots of Canadian Championships and last year I won the ISOC Duluth National and got 2nd at the World Championships in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Our plan for this year is to race every US National and a few Canadian Rounds on our weekends off.

What do you like better, motocross or sledding?

I do well in both, but this year I would definitely pick moto. It’s a longer, warmer season and it’s just awesome.

If he had to pick, he’d choose moto over snowmobile racing because it’s warmer and has a longer season. See you in 2019, Crayden. | Bigwave photo

What’s your favourite school subject and why?

In school I like Math because I’m good at it and I also like gym because I get to be active. I also joined the wrestling program at my school and ave won the Durham Regional Championship for the last two years in my weight class.

What’s your favourite movie?

All of the MOTO series of movies and the new Mission Impossible Fallout is pretty good.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my mom and dad, my sister, Victoria, my gran and papa, my grama, Matt Marshall my mechanic, MotoPark, Yamaha, Apex Cycle, OTSFF, Dawn McClintock with FXR Racing, Iain Hayden, Zeb Dennis, Mikey Mahoney and everyone else who has helped me out over the years.