On the Radar | Tyler Gibbs | Scott Sports Canada

By Billy Rainford

Presented by Scott Sports Canada.

Name: Tyler Gibbs
Date of Birth: 09/04/2001
Hometown: Mission, BC
School and Grade: Grade 12 Mission
Race Number: 146
Bike: 2019 YZ250f and 2017 YZ125 (favourite bike of all time)
Race Club or Series: MRC Triple Crown and Futures Supercross
Classes: 250B for Supercross, when I finish that at the end of January I will be turning Pro for 2019

This week, Tyler Gibbs from Mission, BC is ‘On the Radar.’

How did you get started in racing and riding?

My parents bought me a PW50 when I was 3 and I went to Mission shortly after that for my first race.

What was your first race number and how did you choose it?

My first race number was 46 and it was the number the CMRC issued me. I liked it and just stuck with it.

You recently got hurt. What happened and when will you be back?

Dash for Cash bit me! I was going for a pass back on Collin Jurin, clipped a tuff block that pulled me off the bike and I end up flying upside down over the berm, landed on the back of my head and arm really hard. I just sprained my wrist and had to sit the next weekend out. The plan is to head down to California on the 15th of December and start getting ready for Supercross.

Tyler is one of many fast, up-and-coming riders from BC. | Bigwave ohoto

What’s your favourite: MX, SX, or AX and why?

I really like Supercross. I haven’t had much time on Supercross tracks yet, but the time I have spent on them have been really fun and challenging. I really like it because it is new and really technical.

What is your favourite track and why?

My favourite track and place to ride is HP Ranch. Thanks, Ross, for letting me rip there.

Who is your favourite rider and why?

Jeffrey Herlings.  The guy is just a bad dude on a bike!

Tyler looks up to Jess Pettis and gets to ride with him down in California at Kevin Urqhart’s place. | Bigwave photo

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?

Jess Pettis.  I get to ride with Jess at Urky’s (Kevin Urqhart)in California and he is always pretty rad to ride with.

Who is your hero?

My mom.

What are your goals for next season, and what is it going to take to reach them?

I want to go out and have fun racing this summer. I have big goals this year and I know all the hard work I have been putting in will definitely help me reach these goals.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

I have had so many cool things and accomplishments happen to me all because I get to do what I love.

What is your favourite part about going to the races?

Probably my favourite thing is seeing all my friends at the races.

Tyler will race the Supercross Futures and then turn Pro in 2019 back home in Canada. | Bigwave photo

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I really like Snowboarding, Pit bike riding and BMX.

Who would you like to thank?

Holeshot,Yamaha Canada, FXR, X-Brand goggles, King Concepts, Gibson Tyre, Atlas, Matrix, Tag Metals, Sky Racing, C4MX, Lime Nine, DT1 Filters, Parts Canada, Graeme Brough Suspension, Bull Dog MX training (Urky), John Bowman for always keeping my bikes fresh, Pat O’Connor for always helping me out and my mom dad and little Brother, Travis.