On the Radar | Tyler Kirby | Presented by the Toronto Supercross

By Billy Rainford

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Name:  Tyler Kirby

Age: 7 (8 soon- March 4)

Hometown: Chute a Blondeau, Ontario, Canada

School and Grade: Nouvel Horizon Grade 2

Number: 667

Bike: KTM 50cc

Classes: 50 open and 7-8

This week, #667 Tyler Kirby is ‘On the Radar.’ | Bigwave photo

How did you get started in racing?

My parents bought me a PW 50 and on my third birthday – my dad thought it was time to give it a try. It started off with a great start… Dad was holding the back of the bike, I went a little faster, then faster and finally I was gone – Dad couldn’t keep up. It ended with me running straight into a garage wall. They haven’t been able to keep up since.

What is your favourite track and why?  

My own track at home because my dad made it and I don’t need to travel to ride. My second favourite track is Sand Del Lee in Richmond, Ontario.

Who is your favourite rider and why?

Ryan Dungey because I like his whips.

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?

Who’s the best story-teller in the family? “Me! I like to tell it how I see it and if it’s not funny enough I like to add some details!” Classic. | Laura Kirby photo

Dylan Wright! I’ve looked up to Dylan before he was Pro. Dylan was my first trainer at Sand Del Lee track. Even now when I see him he always stops to talk to me!

Who is your hero?

My big brother, Johnny [Kirby]. I’ve always wanted to do everything that he does and be just like him. He never had the opportunity to ride in the KTM Junior Challenge but I am happy he will be by my side this weekend.

What are your goals for next season, and what is it going to take to reach them? 

We are hoping to follow the Ontario series and hit a few Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers. My goal is to finish in the top 3 with lots of practise and determination. This year, I am going to be focused and mentally prepared for each race, ready to take the holeshot.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

Winning 1st last year in a Loretta Lynn’s qualifier in English Town, New Jersey, Winning 2nd at the CMRC Nationals at Deschambault, Winning 1st at Area 51 Can-Am Challenge!

What is your favourite part about going to the races?

Being all together with my family, sleeping in our camper, seeing my motocross families, and the smell of two-stroke smoke.

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I play centre position on the Fusion Hockey team, hang out with my brother and play x-box, Ski Doo, ice fish and swim.

Tyler has been selected to race the KTM Jr. SX Challenge this Saturday at the Toronto Supercross. | Bigwave photo

You’ve been chosen to race the KTM Jr SX this week in Toronto. How did this come up?

It was a surprise, actually. My parents registered me and I had no idea until I got the call from Mr. Bryce! Thank you, KTM!

How excited are you for this opportunity? Will this be your biggest event ever?

Absolutely! This is a once in a life time opportunity for me. I just hope the Monster Girl doesn’t distract me at the starting gate! (Laughs)

What’s your finish line move if you win?

Ghost Rider like Brian Deegan. (Laughs)

What’s your favourite food?


What’s your favourite movie?


Watch for Tyler’s ghost ride over the finish line if he wins Saturday night, a la Brian Deegan! | Laura Kirby photo

What do you guys do on your long road trips to the races? Do you guys talk and tell stories or does everyone just stare at their phones?

Usually, my brother and I end up fighting, my dad yelling, our phones get taken away and then we have a nap. It’s ok – it makes the trip go by faster when I sleep anyway.

Who is the best story teller in the family?

Me! I like to tell it how I see it and if it’s not funny enough I like to add some details!

Good luck this weekend, Tyler. Who would you like to thank?

Thank you to Direct Motocross for asking me for this interview, KTM Junior Challenge, Mathis Marine Sports, Nihilo Canada, SMX Motocross, Loud & Dirty, PAX Racing, and especially my dad, mom and brother. I will never be last because they are always behind me. [Ooh, that’s good!]