Out of the Blue | Isabelle Vallières | Presented by Schrader’s

By Jeff McConkey

‘Out of the Blue’ is brought to you by Schrader’s.

Name: Isabelle Vallières

Birthday: 7 November, 1983

Hometown: Saint-Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec

Occupation: Housekeeper Patrick Isabelle Vallières

Number: 194

Bike: Kawasaki kx100 2011

Race Club: FMSQ

Classes: Beginner, Lady B

This week we get to know Quebec racer #194 Isabelle Vallières a little better | Richard Seguin photo

How did you get started in racing?

Last year I tried with my sister just for fun and I immediately catch the sting, so I participated in 4 races but this year is my first complete with FMSQ.

As a little girl, did you ever think you’d be so deeply involved in a sport like motocross?

Yes, I always wanted to do it but for a long time I thought I was not capable, and finally I was wrong!

Who is your favourite rider and why?

Eli Tomac because he’s really good.

Is there a woman racer out there who, in your opinion, has paved the way for other girls to succeed in the sport?

Eve Brodeur.

What is your favourite track and why?

I love Franklin because you can practice both Enduro and MX and especially the track is always on the coche👌🏻

Isabelle says that when she was young “I always wanted to do it but for a long time I thought I was not capable, and finally I was wrong!” | Zoll Photographie photo

What are your goals for this season?

Win my championship and I’m the first one at the moment with one remaining race!

Which are your biggest accomplishments?

Whenever I do a race for me it is a feat because I have been suffering from anxiety for a long time. I am often very stressed before the race but once [the race starts] everything comes and I feel good.

What is your favourite part about racing?

I love being with my sister and my friends all weekend, have a lot of fun, and the atmosphere is very cool.

What do you like to do when you’re not racing?

I’m a mom of a 2-year-old girl called Emy so I take care of her and I work full-time. I also try to practice as often as possible.

Is it important to have a motocross rider as a boyfriend / husband, or just a bonus?

Motocross takes a big place in my life so I would say yes. My next boyfriend I would very much like it [if he has the] same passion as me but it is never what can happen in life!

Isabelle is leading her championship with one round left to go | Kiwi-Alexe Dubois photo

Will your children be motocross riders?

My daughter already has her Strider from a little bit and she will have a motorcycle in two years‘ time so yes I would really like her to love her as much that her mother does, but I will never force her to do anything; she will decide by herself when the time comes.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my family, my sister who is always there for me and who runs with me, my mother who takes care of my daughter so well at each of my races, encourages to continue and not to let go at each of my races, all of it would not be possible [without] you all. I love you! And finally, thanks to my sponsor, Shack Attakk