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By Jensen Amyotte

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Name: Lindsey Bradley

Date of Birth: August 30th, 1997

Hometown: Blackstock, Ontario 

School/grade or occupation: Part time Firefighter

Race Number: 75

Bike: 2019 YZ125

Race Club: MRC, AMO, MMRS, Off-road Ontario, GNCC

Class: Ladies A 12+, Youth (14-24) Jr, 250 Junior, Women’s Pro (Off-Road Ontario), WXC (GNCC)

This week we feature #75 Lindsey Bradley from Blackstock, Ontario. | Jill Carney photo

Who got you into the sport of motocross? 

My dad raced back in the day. He bought me a bike for my 2nd birthday and I was racing by the age of 3! 

I know you went to school to be a firefighter. Tell us a little bit about that journey. 

Yes, I did! I graduated in April of 2017 and shortly after that got on part time with Otonabee-South Monaghan Fire Department. I love it so far, and it definitely keeps you in shape! Much like motocross and off-road racing it teaches you discipline and a lot of other life skills that you use everyday!

Who is your favourite female and/or male rider and why?

My favourite female racer to watch is definitely Tayla Jones. She’s an off-road racer that races the GNCC series in the states, but originally from Australia. She’s very fast, super smooth, consistent, and just an all around good rider. My favourite male rider to watch is definitely Phil Nicoletti.

Lindsey is busy as a part-time firefighter when she’s not at the races. | Bigwave photo

Are you involved in any other sports or extracurricular activities? 

I do keep myself busy even when I’m not racing. I’ve played hockey the majority of my life, skiing since the age of 3, and snowboarding since age 9. I’ve taught skiing and snowboarding at a local hill that I grew up at for 6 years now. Having 4 jobs during the winter and 3 during the summer, without a doubt, keeps you busy!

What is your favourite track/ kind of dirt to ride on and why? 

My favourite track is definitely Deschambault in Quebec! I love the layout, with all the elevation it makes for good racing! Although that is my favourite track I do best and definitely benefit on a hard packed track. My little 125 struggles in the sand sometimes. LOL! 

What is one of your fondest memories thus far at the track? 

Thus far, finally putting a solid moto together and landing myself on the podium at the Walton National this year. I knew my speed was there, I just needed to eliminate some little mistakes to make it happen, and I finally did! I’ve also made some of my best memories with friends and family at the races every weekend! 

She’s just as comfortable in the woods as she is on a track. | Donny Tee photo

What event do you look forward to most every year? One you don’t ever want to miss? 

I most definitely look forward to the MMRS Madoc National every year! I grew up racing that club, I love supporting it! John and Jean Maguire have supported me since day one so I’ll keep going back year after year. Good competition and great racing! I also raced my first MP Cup this year and it is also a cant miss event!

Who has been your biggest inspiration/hero on and off the track?

I’m gonna have to give this one to my dad. He’s been there, supported me since day one and I wouldn’t be the person I am on and off the bike without him. 

Linsdey may have driven to most of the East Nationals alone but she is always surrounded by friends at the track. | Juli Butler photo

Tell us a little bit about how your 2019 race season went. And if you have any plans for 2020?

My 2019 season went okay! It was my first full year not racing off-road so I committed and raced the entire East Coast Women’s National Series. I packed up my Ford Ranger and drove to all the rounds by myself (except SDL. Hailey Johnson actually came with me).

I struggled a lot, whether it was bike problems or just not able to put a moto together. With the right training and seat time I know what I’m capable of and I’m excited for next year to say the least!

As of right now for 2020 nothing is 100% but a good buddy of mine, Ty Shemko and I have been talking and we’re gonna try and go West to East together and do all 8 rounds! Neither of us have been West before, so it will most definitely be an experience and I’m looking forward to it! 

What are your biggest accomplishments to date? 

It’s definitely hard to top finally getting on the podium at a national! It’s been a long time coming. I knew my speed was there, I just couldn’t put a moto together… so when I finally did it was an awesome feeling that I’ll never forget! 

What is the biggest lesson that motocross racing/ off-road has taught you so far? 

Motocross and off-road racing teach you a ton of life lessons: discipline, sportsmanship, and a lot of other life skills that you use everyday. It teaches to never give up either. One of my favourite sayings ever is, “fall 7 times, stand up 8” and I don’t think you can describe racing in a better way.

If you ever have children will you give them the option to race as well?

Absolutely, 100%. If that’s what they want to do I’d be more then happy! If they are into other sports that’s alright as well, but I’ll most definitely be introducing them to it at a young age! 

Watch for Lindsey across the entire country in 2020. | Emily Lathnien photo

As a racer, are there any obstacles you feel a female racer has to deal with that maybe a male racer does not?

This has always been a hard question to answer, but the only reason why I think females quit racing a lot sooner than males is because of life, children, jobs etc… Motocross and off-road racing is definitely a male dominated sport, and they have proved that they can make a career out of racing in Canada, where as females cannot. Fitness and skill-wise I don’t think women struggle at all, it’s all about the work you’re willing to put in!

Who would you like to thank? 

First and foremost my mom and dad, I wouldn’t be here without there continuous support, the Johnson, Brodeur, and Burke families for everything this summer. I’d also like to thank Blackstock Motorsports, Yamaha Motor Canada, Young’s Construction, Hero Goods and Services, TP Contracting, MotoMech Canada, John and Jean Maguire at MMRS, Zeb Dennis and the boys at Motopark for helping out whenever they could, Jensen Amyotte for filling in for Jeff, you are doing an awesome job and I know he’s watching over us, and anyone else I forgot thank you so much! It really goes a long way! 

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