Out of the Blue | Virginie Hould | Schrader’s

By Jeff McConkey

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Name: Virginie Hould

Birthday: 28 Sept, 1996

Hometown: Saint-Colomban, Quebec

Occupation: Operator of heavy machinery

Number: 304

Bike: YZ 125 2017

Race Club: Groupe Contant

Classes: femme C in MX, Dame initiation and Dame open in Arenacross and finaly, Dame A in endurocross

This week’s ‘Out of the Blue’ column features Quebec racer, #304 Virginie Hould | Richard Séguin photo

How did you get started in racing?

I began to race for the pleasure three years ago. Every season, I tried a new race with a different motorcycle. It is in my second year of racing that I realized that I liked really more the races of MX than the races of enduro. Then I decided to put my 110% this season by being a member of Groupe Contant Racing Team. The best team.

As a little girl, did you ever expect to be this deep into a sport like motocross?

No, I started riding at 18 years old.

Do you think motocross is harder for a female to compete in?

I think that in 2017 female has the same chance as men to compete in motocross.

Like everyone we ask, Virginie’s favourite part about going to the races is being with her moto friends | Caro Sauvé photo

Who is your favourite rider and why?

I guess that my favorite rider is (Ken) Roczen because no matter how hard he crashed at the beginning of the season, his mind is always positive.

Is there one lady racer out there that you think has paved the way for other girls to be successful in the sport?

Yes, for sure, and my answer is like most of the girl who made the interview, Ève Brodeur.

What Canadian Pro do you look up to and why?

I have so many names in my head that I can’t choose only one rider.

What is your favourite track and why?

My favorite track is X Town because she is at 5 minutes from my house. Also, she is easy so that’s perfect for the technique.

Who is your hero?

My hero is my father. Because without him, I wouldn’t be here now.

What are your goals for this season?

My principal goal this season is to finish in the top 5 in MX, but also to finish the season without broken bones.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

I believe that my biggest fulfillment was to become completely independent this year during the practices [and] the races. It is my first season without boyfriend and previously, he did everything. He washed my motorcycle, put my gas, made my change of oil, my air filter and even to put some oil on my chain. On the other hand, this year it is completely different, and I am more than proud. I do not need anybody any more to come to the race with me. Except my fan club of best friend.

Her goal for the season is to be in the top 5 in moto…and to not break any bones | Richard Séguin photo

What is your favourite part about going to the races?

My favourite part about going to the race is to be with my friends all the weekend.

What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?

I like sleeping but I even more like operating for the heavy machinery.

Is it important to have a motocross racer as a boyfriend/partner, or just a bonus?

No, it’s not important for me to have a motocross racer as a boyfriend because I’m a strong, independent woman. But I would like to thank my ex-boyfriend who gave me his passion for the motocross.

If you ever have children, will they be motocross racers ?

Yes, for sure.

Who do you want to thank?

I would like to thank my father and my mother because they putt a lot of money in the motocross. Groupe Contant with his best mecano, Dominic Chainé (DoSmile). Virolo and also Alex Plomberie Chauffage. And a special thank to my best friends, Jérémy Lupien and Sabryna Felx, who are always there for me at the races.