Pala Raceway | Tuesday Photos

By Billy Rainford

You never know who you’ll see when you go to one of the many tracks down here in Southern California. After spending the night with Keylan Meston, Davey Fraser, and Shawn Maffenbeier, we loaded up the bikes and headed to Pala Raceway for some motocross today.

With the 250 West Supercross on a break while the series heads east, there were a few top US Pros out getting in some valuable outdoor seat time.

There were also a few other familiar faces on the track, like Jonah Brittons, Brad Nauditt, and Tyler Unger. I also shot a bunch of video that we’ll have up at some point. I don’t know who EVeryone is, but here are some photos from a busy day at Pala. Sit back, there are quite a few…

Here’s how the day started for Davey Fraser. A nice new tire for the front end. It doesn’t get much better than heading to the track with nipples on your tires!

Future race bikes in the garage.

Current road and mountain bikes in the rafters.

Shawn Maffenbeier trying to steal my job with a new camera of his own. He, literally, doesn’t know what to do with his left hand.

I tripped and fell, so I took a shot while I was on the garage floor…

Loading up the truck for the trip to Pala.

Not a bad little “shack” for these guys to call home for a while.

You’ll have to ask Shawn what he calls this look.

Keylan Meston is a pretty accomplished 3-ball juggler.

Davey carrying an extra motor to the truck.

Our convoy went Saskatchewan, BC, and Ontario license plates. Temecula didn’t know what hit them!

Keylan strapping on the gadgets.

Davey is nursing a sore wrist. Shake his left hand next time you see him.

Keylan heading out for a moto on the Carlson Racing Husqvarna.

The speed on the track was fast today. Lots of West 250 guys getting some motocross testing in.

#612 Mitchell Falk.

I saw yellow plates and a Bow Cycle logo. It’s #325 Tyler Unger.

#53 Bradley Taft.

250 West Supercross points leader, Aaron Plessinger, ripping the place up on his 450.

Keylan is looking fast and smooth on the #10.

Davey has been south for a week and is whipping himself into race shape.

#767 Mason Wharton has raced in Canada.

Young #122 Carson Mumford.

#27 Nick Wey.

#33 Derek Drake.

Aaron led Bradley around the track for a solid moto.

Davey will be in Abbotsford next week.

Working on a new corner technique?

Nope, just falling.

Ask Shawn what to do with your left hand.

Young #38 Haiden Deegan.

Young #2 Mason Wells.

#188 Gage Schehr.

#92 Adam Cianciarulo.

Young #329 Matthew LeBlanc.

This guy was ripping on the 2-stroke.

Canadian MX1 teammates.

#35 Sky Racing Holeshot rider Jonah Brittons is down south training with Ryan Hughes again this winter.

He was on a bone stock bike (almost) and is looking forward to getting on the race beast for Abbotsford next week.

Our old friend Kyle Swanson is helping out #55 Austin Black at Suzuki.

Well, shucks.

Tyler Rayner is down here checking out the action.

That’s defending MX2 champ, Shawn Maffenbeier putting in a moto.

#157 is Wyatt Waddell. He’ll be the third racer on the Carlson Racing Husqvarna team.

Nick working on his bike in the Pala pits.

Every time I tried to take a break, another Canadian would be heading back to the track. I still haven’t had lunch!!! Wyatt is coming off ACL surgery.

The guys took a little break, mid-day.

Clearly, it was story and silly face time.

Ooh, getting artsy.

See what I did there?

Mix ‘n Maff…

I just knew he would point sooner or later, so I waited…

Austin will be racing all the amateur nationals in the B classes in 2018.

Davey and Wyatt.

That right there is none other than Brad Nauditt.

Nick and Josh Hill.

Congrats to our old friend, Kyle Swanson on his new gig. There’s a pretty good chance we’re going to surf San Clemente in the morning. We’ll let him say it… “See you at the races…”