Photo Report | 2017 Mini O’s | Friday MX

By Billy Rainford

Huge thanks to our sponsors for this race report.

Here’s a look at the racing action from Friday on the Motocross Track. We had to miss an entire day on Thursday, so there were no consolation races like they usually have. If you didn’t make it in, you were out.

We told you they had to cancel racing for the entire day Thursday, right? Fortunately, this is Florida and it dries very quickly. The track was actually very good today.

Um, sir, I’m not the herb you’re looking for…

#10 Jeremy Ryan’s day didn’t go as he’d planned. He was a DNF in Supermini 1 (12-15) but I got this shot of him pullng a tear off, so he makes it in.

Matthew LeBlanc took 4th in his Supermini 1 heat race.

#81 Kobi Cox is here and racing the MX portion of the week. He took 23rd in 250B Ltd. and didn’t move on.

He’s still got 450B Ltd. tomorrow though.

#53 Bjorn Viney made it through in his 250B Ltd moto.

#241 Daxton Bennick has 1-1-4 moto scores heading into the final day of racing tomorrow.


Preston Masciangelo tried to fool me by running #94 in his 85 (9-11) Ltd. moto but I saw him! He took 6th and moved on.

#936 is Ty Masterpool. Jeff is a fan of this flashy rider now, too.

#101 Matthew Cemovic was 13th in Schoolboy 1 and 17th in 125. I’m pretty sure that put him through in both.

#494 Thomas Rendall struggled in a couple motos but took a 10th in Schoolboy 1 (12-15).

#110 Emma Saarela was also out there in the 125 class but took 26th and didn’t move forward.

Steven Anderson was this close and waved, but never did come over and say hello as we were sitting at the van. Pfft.

#557 Chris Bruno had a nice race in the 55+ class and took 8th.

There are future Pro champions in this shot.

#16 Enzo Lopes looked good today until he crashed in 450 A and looked to be favouring a wrist. He won the 1st 250 A moto though.

Mitchell Falk has 8-3-3 first moto scores in the top classes heading into Saturday.

#133 Jordan Bailey has a 5-2-5 report card in the A/Pro Sport classes.

#46 Marco Cannella had to fight off a mid-pack start and moved up to 9h in the 250 A first moto.

If he can snag a start, he will run with the top riders.

#441 Tim Metcalfe took 16th in 45+.

It felt more like Florida today.

Matthew Cemovic in his Schoolboy 1 moto.

Thomas Rendall airing it out in the same moto.

#184 Tanner Ward has been shaking his arms out a bit this week. Here he is getting 10th in 250 Pro Sport.

#99 Lance Kobusch takes a call in his 250 moto.

That’s #198 Julia Krzemien who we’ve seen on the podium up here.

Waiting patiently for his moto.


#852 Riley Clapp out for his practice today. He’ll be behind the gate tomorrow.

#67 Jesse Flock slamming some sand in the late afternoon sun.

#114 Quinn Amyotte was up in 6th in his 450 C qualifier but crashed after the finish line with one lap to go and dropped out of a transfer spot. He’s still got motos tomorrow though.

Marco Cannella was up again as the sun dropped lower in the sky. He took a solid 4th in 250 Pro.

#184 Tanner Ward was 10th.

85 (9-11) had 3 Canucks in it.

Preston Masciangelo took 7th.

Evan Stewart was 12th.

And #25 Tristan Dares took 16th.

#47 Jo Shimoda was closing in on the win in his 250 B moto.

#53 Bjorn Viney was the last moto of the day in 250 B. He had a top 10 start and finished 14th.

And that was it for Friday. We’re on to Championship Saturday tomorrow. The track should be mint and make for some great finals. Thanks for looking.