Photo Report | 2017 Mini O’s | Saturday MX

By Billy Rainford

Well, another Thor Winter Olympics at Gatorback Cycle Park is in the books. I’ve been to a lot of these things and I have never seen them miss an entire day before. They made up for lost time by doing away with the consolation races and cutting laps a little.

They were still doing qualifying races when Saturday started! And on top of that, they had to delay a little this morning to let the fog clear. It was a weird one, folks.

Let’s get to some of the racing action with a heavy emphasis on our Canadians.

Although they went late in the day, we’ll go from little to big today. #852 Riley Clapp is from Amhersthburg, ON and he finished 12, 16, and 35 in his little bike classes.

Little Nathan Snelgrove is a good rider. He was having a great race at the end of the day, but went over the bars on the last lap and took a DNF. He was 12th and 38th. We saw him afterward and he seemed fine. Nice to hang out with you guys a little this week.

Since I’ve been pointing out the future of the sport and how interesting the names will be, how about this guy? Canyon Richards has some skills to go with his cool name.

Preston Masciangelo had some good races and some struggles. He’s got the skills, he just needs to put it all together at these big races. He finished 9th and 14th in his 85cc classes.

Speaking of skills, #411 Nick Romano has some.

#95 Evan Stewart is a new name to me. He goes pretty fast and finished 16th and 17th in his 85cc classes.

Remember Lawrence “Don’t Call Me Larry” Fortin? He’s been north of the border.

Young #25 Tristan Dares gained some valuable experience racing this week. He snagged a 25th in his 85cc class.

#494 Thomas Rendall grabbed a great start in one of his motos and proved he can run near the front. He finished 15th and 17th.

#10 Jeremy Ryan took a win today in the Supermini 2.


Did I mention #238 Hayden Deegan wore a little cape today?

You may want to remember the name Daxton Bennick, too.

#114 Quinn Amyotte is 17. I hope he realizes he’s got some skills. He really made a name for himself this week in the C classes. He finished 8,8,5.

Quinn gets his face time with Wes Kain after taking 3rd in a moto.

#53 Bjorn Viney was in some of the toughest classes this week. He looked over his shoulder over the finish line after a fierce battle. He was 10, 19, 13, and 22 in the B classes.

He was up against riders like #63 Pierce Brown. Yes, he’s fast.

#241 Daylen Vanderslagt was out in the 250 C class today. He’s from Sarnia, ON finished 30th.

#110 Emma Saarela raced the Women’s 14+ class and finished 23rd (11-24).

I finally saw #106 Mike Saarela out on the track today. He was in a good Canadian battle in one moto with #441 Tim Metcalfe. Mike finished 24th in 40+ and 31st in 45+.

There’s Tim chasing Mike right there. Tim finished 13th in 50+ and 34th in 45+.

#557 may be having the most fun of anyone. He’s recently retired and racing and riding around Florida. He finished 8th in 55+ and 32nd in 40+.

All the older riders have some work to do if they want to dethrone #70 John Grewe.

Our old friend #165 James Roberts was here and racing the 25+ class and finished 12th.

B class action was crazy when the two leaders, #135 Marcus Phelps and #325 Stilez Robertson, crashed together and were out.

#46 Marco Cannella has the speed to hang with the top guys in the Pro classes. A good start is what it takes at that level. He finished 7th in 250 A, 14t in 250 Pro Sport, and 5th in College.

Same goes for Tanner Ward. When either of them got out quickly, they finished well. Tanner finished 11th in 450 A, 10th in 250 Pro Sport, and 5th in 450 Pro Sport.

Going up against riders like #612 Mitchell Falk is a tall order.

There’s always great action at the Mini O’s.

Jeff and I agree that the standout rider of the week was #79 Jett Reynolds. He was on the track a lot and spent most of his time out there winning.

These are what everyone was after.

There’s Quinn snagging one.

Coming to a Pro race near you.

Tanner gets his 5th. He’ll probably hate me for cropping it like this.

And that’s all she wrote! They’re about to kick me out of this Starbucks so it’s perfect timing. Time to hop back in the van, point it north, and try to be home Sunday evening. Sorry, if I missed anyone. Thanks for looking, and Thomas Rendall says, ” Check ya later, and we’ll see you at the races…”