Photo Report | 2018 Mini O’s | Friday

By Billy Raiford

With 70 motos to get through, this was a huge schedule of races. And yet, somehow, they always seem to get the job done here at the Mini O’s. They got through all the first motos and classes that have more than one division in them. In fact, they got right to the very end of the races and then the consis just as the sun was going down.

The weather was perfect, and I’ve got the red neck to prove it. Tomorrow will be the final day of competition to crown the Motocross champions here for 2018.

Here’s a look at the racing from today.

Oh, I saw #33 Sam Matthews rolling off the track this afternoon and taking a DNF. Not sure what was up, but I hope he’s OK.

Huge thanks to Matrix Concepts Canada, FXR, and MP County Line for the support.

The 250 A first moto was a good one. #17 Carter Halpain got the holeshot and led the gang out. #352 Jalek Swoll was in second and began applying pressure. He made the pass stick and took the win ahead of Halpain and #73 Hardy Munoz.

#723 Landon Gibson grabbed the holeshot in 65 (7-9) and took the win.

#74 Dilan Schwartz took his 250B Division win from wire to wire.

#53 Bjorn Viney got out in 5th place and finished 6th, just as his bike quit on him. The gang at Kawasaki here at the track looked after them. Nice.

#206 Logan Best killed his 65 (10-11) moto.

#180 Landen Gordon took his.

#34 Tayler Allred grabbed the early lead in Girls Sr. (12-16) but got passed by #46 Jazzmyn Canfield for the win, but it was close.

#61 is Tanya Muzinda from Africa. She finished 19th.

#63 really needs better starts. He still managed to catch and pass a bunch of top riders to take the win in 450 Pro Sport.

#75 Evan Ferry is looking really good on the motocross track. He took the win in his Supermini 2 Division race.

Kai Saarela #14 was in the final transfer spot (18th) early and finished 17th to make it to the finals.

Landen Gordon got another win in 65 (10-11).

Logan Best took the other Div.

Kaeden Amerine won his 125 Div.

Thomas Rendall passed his way into a transfer spot in 16th.

Matthew Cemovic was in Div 2 and got off to a bad start and was off to the consi.

Nate Thrasher killed his 125 division race.

#325 Stilez Robertson and #74 Dilan Schwartz had a great battle going in 450B Div 1 until Stilez went down hard and was out.

#936 Ty Masterpool won his Div going away.

#43 Noah Viney was 11th in Mini Sr. (12-15).

#34 Bryce Shelly has been impressive this week and took the win.

#494 Thomas Rendall was way back off the start in his 250C Div race. He passed his way up to 20th and was off the the consi.

#877 Ryder Ellis took yet another win in the 51 (4-8) Div 1 moto.

Mason Raynor took the other one.

#161 Justin Burge was well back in his 85 (12-13) Div race and headed to the consi.

The Consis.

#474 Hunter Vaughan was on the bubble in his 250B consi but missed it by one position.

#161 Justin Burge was 7th in his Supermini 1 consi but left the door open and got nipped on the inside and won’t be in the final.

Brendan Carrington didn’t get the start he needed and missed the Supermini 1 final.

After that crash in the first Schoolboy 2 moto, Bjorn Viney was back and took a nice win in the consi.

Thomas Rendall had a good Schoolboy 1 consi and finished up in 2nd.

Matthew Cemovic missed making it to the main fomorrow.

Jeremy McKie was the fastest in his 450B consi but a big crash in the first turn took away his chances of the final.

He still went out and gave it a shot.

Matthew was back in the 125 consi but was 8th and only 3 made it through.

Kai Saarella was also out there and got off to a poor start and missed the cut.

Thomas still had one race left.

He rounded the first turn in 2nd and was 2nd at the flag to move on.

Justin Burge was the final consi of the event and made it through to the main in 85 (12-13), getting 2nd, after narrowly missing a downed rider in turn 1.

OK, I’m getting a little long in the tooth here. The Racines would like to end this by saying…See you at the races… Hey, Sebastien, look at me when I’m creeping!