Photo Report | 2018 Mini O’s | Thursday

By Billy Rainford

It was all about the Motocross track today at the 2018 Thor Winter Olympics/Mini O’s at Gatorback Cycle Park. We didn’t make it through the entire list of first motos and division races, so we’ll still be racing first motos on Friday.

The weather was perfect for racing but not the greatest for making a tan I can brag about when I return to the snow in Canada.

Let’s have a look at some of the racing action.

NB: Sorry I’m late with this tonight. I blame the Vineys for inviting me for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner at their rented cottage near High Springs. And the wifi was so weak I wasn’t able to post this report there. It was worth it!

Thanks to Matrix Concepts Canada, FXR, and MP County Line.

I got to the track a little late this morning and missed the first 250B Ltd. moto where #53 Bjorn Viney was 6th and #20 Jeremy McKie crashed in the first turn and came back to 13th.

#66 Casey Cochran had a great moto in 85 (9-11).

#38 Hayden Deegan was closing in but ran out of time.

#22 Preston Masciangelo had a good race but got nipped right at the end and got 5th.

#2 Sebastien Racine came in right behind him in 6th.

#241 Daxton Bennick was the man in Div 2.

#31 Ricky Renner took the Junior +25 class ahead of our old friend, #165 James Roberts.

#75 Evan Ferry looked really good taking the win in his Supermini 1 Div.

#28 Brendan Carrington raced hard but was back in 25th place and will head to the LCQ.

Evan was super Dungey-pumped.

#411 Nick Romano took Div 2 after a great battle with #72 Crockett Meyers.

#161 Justin Burge was in this one and also got 25th, so he’ll meet Brendan in the LCQ.

Greg Pamart took the Senior 45+.

#22 Richard Krzemien was in this one and finished 24th.

Hannah Hodges got out front early but had to deal with #46 Jazzmyn Canfield, who made the pass. She had a nice lead but had then fell heading into the last lap.

#30 Jordan Jarvis was there to capitalize and took the win.

#110 Emma Saarela was also in this one but landed on Madison Grey’s (shown here) bike and it broke in half! It may have already been like that. After getting checked out, Emma was OK (a little sore) and will line up for her races tomorrow.

#14 Camden Scoggin won 51 (4-6).

#75 Ryder Snelgrove was 16th.

#34 Jarrett Frye looked good, winning his Schoolboy 2 moto.

#53 Bjorn Viney was up in 13th on lap 1 but crashed at the end of the rollers and was down for a while. He sat in with the medics and then got back out there and finished. Check out his ripped jersey. His ribs are sore but he’s OK.

Stilez Robertson won the other Div.

#474 Hunter Vaughan was at the very back on lap 1. He finished 20th and will head to the LCQ.

#720 Jeremy McKie also had troubles early and finished 18th and moved on.

#86 Mark Thomas was leading the 60+ class when I last looked, but he finished 3rd and #38 Donny Banks took the win.

#17 Jordan Renfro was leading early, but #38 Hayden Deegan moved up and took the win in his 85 (9-13) Div.

Masciangelo had a mid-pack start and moved up to 10th.

Racine was well back early and worked his way up to 17th. Carrington was also in this one and passed his way to 20th and will hit the LCQ.

#422 Nathan Snelgrove has been working this inside gate choice and it got him to the front in this 51 (7-8) Ltd. Div. He ended up in 7th.

No surprise here, #877 Ryder Ellis took this one, but #525 Cole Blecha stayed with him.

Dave Ginolfi won the Vet +35 class first moto after getting past #70 John Grewe.

Some FXR product placement.

Richard Krzemien was 5th in Vet 55+.

#29 Zane Merrett lead 450 A early but was passed by #223 Parker Mashburn for the win. #63 Pierce Brown’s charge through the pack to 5th was impressive. 

#180 Landen Gordon won his 65 (7-11) Div.

#206 Logan Best won his.

#43 Noah Viney was up in 5th early in his 85 (12-13) Div. He finished 8th.

Brendan got off to a mid-pack start and took 17th.

The race of the day had to go to #17 Gavin Towers and #411 Nick Romano. They pushed each other around the whole time and traded leads. Towers messed up with 2 turns to go, trying to protect the inside, and slipped to 3rd, giving Romano the win.

Pamart took 30+.

#428 Nate Thrasher won his Schoolboy 1 Div.

#91 Orion Gregory won Div 2.

#494 Thomas Rendall was near the back early and worked his way to 19th and a trip to the LCQ, after missing 18th by a wheel!

#101 Matthew Cemovic was in a transfer position but something happened and he dropped back to 22nd on the last lap.

Landon Gibson won his 65 (7-9) Div.

Wyatt Bass won his.

#877 Ryder Ellis raced a 65 for the first time and finished 3rd on a borrowed bike.

Nathan Snelgrove got out to a 2nd place start in his and ended up 11th.

John Grewe won 50+ ahead of Carsten and Treadwell.

#51 Jace Kessler looked really good, winning his 450B Ltd. Div.

Bjorn almost pulled the holeshot in this one on his 250. He finished 4th in his Div.

#33 Sam Matthews was in a transfer spot on lap 3 but dropped to 19th and missed it by one.

Noah finished 5th in his Mini Sr. Div after a 3rd place start.

Mark Fineis got the win.

Preston and Sebastien hit the track in their 85 (9-11) Div.

Looks similar to the SX race!

Hayden Deegan got the win.

These two Canadians had a great race with Preston taking 5th and Sebastien 6th.

Pamart got yet another win in the 40+ class. This was the final moto of the day. We’ll start with Moto #41 tomorrow.

Full results can be found here:

See you at the races…