Photo Report | 2019 Mini O’s | Friday- Day 5

By Billy Rainford

We woke up to 9 degrees and clear blue skies this Friday morning. I don’t believe in jinxes so I’m going to go ahead and say that this has been the best year weather-wise I can remember!

Wes Cain warming up by curling a couple chairs this morning. Someone show him the Will Farrell SNL skit where he yells at the kids to “GET OFF THE SHED!” That’s who he reminds me of when he tells people to get off the fences here.
#70 John Grewe.

The first race of the day was the 40+ class and it was won by #70 John Grewe with, you guessed it, #31 Barry Carsten behind him in 2nd. #3 Mike Brown was signed up to race this class but has decided to pull out due to a health issue he’s finishing up with.

#138 Dylan Rempel.

#138 Dylan Rempel was on the track next for his 85 (12-13) Division race. He lined up 3 gates in from the dog house but then wheelied off the start and got pushed back.

He made some good passes in turn 1 and then down the following straightaway/chicane to the gator falls.

When they came around to complete the first lap, he was in 14th place – pretty good, considering his gate drop.

He held that position until he crossed the flag and will have to go to the consi in this one, I believe.

Check out this 85 rider with the #500. It’s not a number you see very often, but I like it. It instills fear just reading it. It’s like reading 500 on the side of a big, old 2-stroke.

#53 Bjorn Viney was up in the 250 A first moto. I joked with Ulf Viney in staging that they’re racing 8 classes between the two kids and they haven’t drawn better than 30th gate pick!

He lined up halfway to the inside of the dog house and got a good jump when the gate dropped. He got squeezed out a bit and was about 2/3 of the way to the back of the pack as they headed to the gator pit.

He was 11th when they completed lap 1 and launched the finish line farther than anyone I’ve seen all week. Only Eric Kehoe has gone farther. Google it, Bowker!

#67 Jesse Flock.

He was 11th at the half and class favourite, #67 Jesse Flock, was ust rolling around and then dropped out.

Bjorn was in a great battle with #40 and #531. He crossed the line in 10th place.

#43 Noah Viney and #161 Justin Burge were in the Mini Sr. Moto next.

#161 Justin Burge.

Justin got an amazing jump and rounded turn 1 in around 3rd place. I lost sight of Noah, but when they came around to the line he was 8th and Justin had dropped back to around 17th.

#43 Noah Viney.

Noah was chasing down a good group and crossed the flag in 8th place with Justin back in around 19th.

#787 Tripp Rexroat took an impressive win (I just wanted to type that name so you’d say it in a Scooby Doo voice).

#117 Easton Genest.

#117 Easton Genest from Saskatchewan had first gate pick for his 250 C first moto. He picked a spot near the inside but got a bad jump and got squeezed back. He made some good passes through T1 and then down the next section.

He was 13th on lap 2 but then took a sketchy fall as he dropped down the Gator Falls. He was caught just past the lip of the drop and picked himself up quickly to get going again, but the damage was done.

#157 Ryder Snelgrove.

#157 Ryder Snelgrove came up next and had a great jump off the line when the gate dropped. He rode a wide line around the first turn and lost a few spots in the process.

He needed to be in the top 12 in this 3-division class, but came up a bit short, taking 16th or 17th. He’ll head to the consi later today.

Here’s the feel good story of the day, so far.

#557 Chris Bruno has drawn #1 gate pick twice this week. He just did it in the 55+ Masters moto1. Fellow Canadian #22 Richard Krzemien picked #40. Chris decided to let Richard have his #1 gate pick for the second time this week.

#557 Chris Bruno.

Richard took a spot on the inside while Chris ended up out on the outside gate.

#22 Richard Krzemien.

Richard looked solid battling up in the top 5. Chris looked like he was having a great time and finished around 14th or so.

#45 Jayden Clough.

#494 Thomas Rendall had his first Schoolboy 1 moto. He was back in around 21st place at the end of lap 2 and then took 24th at the flag. He didn’t really look to be in any crazy battles out there in this one.

#72 Crockett Myers is having a blast on his 125.

I’ve been keeping an eye on #72 Crockett Myers on his 125. He seems like he’s having more fun out there than anyone!

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove was up in 65 (7-9) and he went out and grabbed the holeshot! He got passed a couple times down the following straight but it was a great start for the young rider from Essex, Ontario.

He came around at the end of lap 1 in 5th place and then had three riders all over him for the rest of the race. It was an intense race and he ended up 7th or 8th, I think.

#117 Easton Genest and #421 Nick Zoratti were in the 450 C moto. Nick go to staging late and was given last gate choice. He was way on the outside.

#421 Nick Zoratti.

Both riders got off to bad starts and were near the tail of the group off the start.

#117 Easton Genest.

Lap one saw Genest in 16th and Zoratti in 17th. Genest managed to make a few passes up to 14th and Zoratti lost a few and took 21st.

#34 Jarrett Frye.

#34 Jarrett Frye won the 450 Pro Sport wire to wire on his 250.

#494 Thomas Rendall.

#494 Thomas Rendall was back on the track in 125 B/C. He was in the first of 2 divisions, so he needed a top 18 to move straight to the second moto.

He was 5th in from the dog house for the start but didn’t get a good jump and was in the back 1/3 of the field to start this one.

He was 18th at the end of lap 1—a position he’d need to hold.

He said he had a pretty sketchy moment in the far end of the track and may have lost a place to 19th which means he may be heading to this consi.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

I snuck in a short lunch break and when I finished my Cuban sandwich and mocha flavoured Bang Energy Drink I noticed I’d been missing #158 Nathan Snelgrove in action in his 65 (7-11) first moto.

I bumped into these Canucks on the way to get a sandwich.

I didn’t see the start of this one but he was pretty far back when I saw him with 2 laps remaining. He was off to the consi in this one.

It was 2:30 and they had over 40 3-lap races to get through to determine the final motos for Saturday. Some classes actually had 2 consis! There are a lot of racers here.

I snuck out for a cycle as soon as the checkered flag waved to end first motos. It’s surprising how nice the wide shoulders are on some of the main roads here. I headed into Tioga Village to the Starbucks that I call my second home when I’m down here. I’m heading home to the beginning of winter, so I’m getting out on the bike as often as I can!

We didn’t have a lot of riders in the consolations, so that was good. If a class had 2 divisions, they had 1 consi and the top 6 made moto 2. If the class had 3 divisions, there were 2 consis for that class and the top 3 from each moved on.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

#2 Sebastien Racine found himself in the 85 (12-13) consi after suffering a flat tire in his first moto. He got out to a 2nd place start and had #16 James Clough ahead of him. He crossed the line in that position and moves on to moto 2 tomorrow.

#138 Dylan Rempel.

#138 Dylan Rempel was in the younger 85 class, the 9-11. He was 5th or 6th around the first turn and came around to complete the first of the 2-lap races in 6th place. He was 5th at the flag in a battle that was tight between the top 6 riders. Unfortunately, he’s done in that class.

#117 Easton Genest.

#117 Easton Genest from Dinsmore, Saskatchewan, was up next in the 250 C consi. He was 3rd off the start and then I didn’t see him come around to complete the first lap of the race.

He’s shown as a DNS in the results, but I know I wasn’t imagining him! I’ll try to find out what happened.

#157 Ryder Snelgrove.

#157 Ryder Snelgrove headed out in the 51 (4-8) class and got a great jump and rounded the first turn up in 3rd place.

He came around to complete the first lap up in 3rd and had a nice gap back to 4th.

#494 Thomas Rendall.

Schoolboy 1 had #494 Thomas Rendall from Ottawa in it. He’s fresh off 2 broken arms and was looking good as he got out to a top 10 start.

He came around in 13th place after 1 lap and so he had to pin it if he wanted to crack the top 6.

When the checkered flag waved, I waited and waited, but he never came around.It turns out he cased the jump before the table and the impact looks to have broken his right wrist. He was in a lot of pain and pretty bummed out when I saw him getting attended to by the medics.

They’ll head to the hospital here in Gainesville and figure out what the plan is. Good luck to you, Thomas. And now who’s going to fact check these reports?! Wait, maybe that’s all you have time for now! You’re hired.

It was pretty much dark when they finally called the action to a halt. They’ll have to get through a few more consis to start the day tomorrow and then it’s full speed ahead to crown champions in all the moto 2’s. It’ going to be a very full day of racing.

Thomas is at the hospital as I type this. He gets to say it today: See you at the races…

Full results can be found here: