Photo Report | 2019 Mini O’s | Saturday – Day 6

By Billy Rainford

250 Pro Sport started the morning. Heavy hitters #34 Jarrett Frye and #604 Max Miller went down in the first turn and had to start from the back of the pack.

Out front, #93 Gonzales was looking good with #93 Hardy Munos in chase. 3rd was #628 Parker Mashburn.

#74 Hardy Munos.

Munos would make the pass and hold on for the win ahead of Gonzales and Mashburn. Frye made it all the way up to be challenging for 5th place at the flag.

I just want to mention the crash in the first turn of the 250 B Ltd. Moto really quickly. #32 Florent Lambillon Jr. deserves some kudos for taking the time to help #951 Zamair Darrell as he was stuck under his bike. Classy move.

#2 Sebastien Racine and #43 Noah Viney were up after that in the 85 (12-13) Ltd. Class. Noah came in with a win and Sebastien a 3rd, so they got great gate picks and chose 5th and 3rd from the inside gate.

Noah grabbed the holeshot while Sebastien sat around 5th or 6th. A couple of the favourites went down and that opened up the door for the two Canadian riders.

Noah was out front and didn’t falter, taking the win. Sebastien and #53 were hot on his heals, but their positions didn’t change and we went 1 and 3 in this one.

Noah will take the overall and Sebastien took runner-up spot. It was a proud moment for the maple leaf and I shot video of the whole thing. Watch for that when I get a chance to sit down and put it together.

Also, as I tried to post a photo of this action, I realized that my phone was actually displaying “No Service” for this finals day. Great.

#30 Jordan Jarvis and #172 Hannah Hodges.

#172 Hannah Hodges grabbed the Women’s final moto holeshot on her 125 ahead of first moto winner #30 Jordan Jarvis and #34 Tayler Allred.

Jarvis got by at the end of the first lap and then Allred follewed that up as they headed out on lap 2.

That’s how this one would end, with Allred pressuring Jarvis the whole way.

#22 Richard Krzemien.

The Masters 55+ class had #22 Richard Krzemien on the inside gate and #557 Chris Bruno in his spot near the outside.

Richard didn’t make it around to complete the first lap. In the sweeper after the table top he went down and that was it for his race.

#557 Chris Bruno.

When I went over to their pits, he was away at the hospital getting checked out. Chris said it was his shoulder that was the biggest concern but that Nick Zoratti had left to go pick him up. Hopefully, he’ fine.

#161 Justin Burge.

Supermini 1 had #18 Leith Ness and #161 Justin Burge in it. Both of them were forced to pick gates outside the dog house, so their chances at good starts were definitely hindered.

#18 Leith Ness.

I shot video of this one, too, so when they came around to complete lap 2 Ness was 22nd and Burge was 36th.

At the flag, Ness was 20th and Burge 31st.

#53 Bjorn Viney.

#53 Bjorn Viney was up in the Collegboy class. He lined up halfway between the fence and the dog house, so he was in a good position.

I walked through staging with his dad, Ulf Viney, and he told me a funny story. He said that before Noah went out and won that race, he said to him, “If I have a bad race, don’t ruin the day for everyone.” How amazing is that?!

Bjorn came around to complete lap 1 in 6th place. At the end of lap 2, he was still 6th but he was in a group that was fighting over 3rd place.

He made some key passes and got up to 3rd at the flag. His 5-3 motos gave him 3rd overall.

#2 Sebastien Racine and #43 Noah Viney were up again in 85 (9-13). Sebastien lined up at the inside gate and Noah was 3 out.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

Neither had the start they wanted but, of course, they found each other on the track.

#43 Noah Viney.

Racine came around in 12th and Noah 17th. When they crossed the checkered flag, Sebastien was 12th and Noah was 3 seconds behind him in 13th.

#53 Bjorn Viney.

Bjorn Viney didn’t have much time before he was back on the track for the 450 A second moto. I shot video of this one.

He had a good gate pick and headed out in 8th place after a decent start.

He was 8th when they crossed the line for the first time and then 9th the following lap.

He made a nice pass for 7th place but then hit a wooden stake that was in a rut and did a “face plant” as he said with 1 1/2 laps to go and crossed the flag in 9th.

Senior 45+ didn’t have #22 Richard Krzemien on the line. He disappeared in an earlier moto after that crash.

#557 Chris Bruno.

#557 Chris Bruno came through in 18th place and, as always, looked like he was loving life out there.

Mini Sr. (12-14) had 3 Canadians in it. When the field came through to complete lap 1, #2 Sebastien Racine was in 2nd place, #43 Noah Viney was 4th, and #161 Justin Burge was back in the pack but working hard.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

On lap 3, Racine was under heavy fire for that 2nd place. Noah was in a group fighting in 6th. Justin had worked his way up a few positions to 26th.

#43 Noah Viney.

When Sebastien slowed down for what was a red cross flag, he got passed by a rider who saw that the flag had just been pulled in.

#161 Justin Burge.

At the checkered flag, Racine was 4th, Viney was 7th, and Burge was 27th.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove was up next in 65 (7-9) Ltd.. He got out to a 3rd place start and looked great. He got passed a couple times on lap 1 and came across the line in 5th place.

With 2 to go, he’d been under constant pressure and had dropped to 9th place. At the flag, he was 12th.

#421 Nick Zoratti.

450 C Ltd had #421 Nick Zoratti in it. He was back in around 29th at the end of the first lap and battled hard to the checkered flag.

85 (12-13) had Noah Viney and Sebastien Racine in it again. Neither got off to a good start and they were 9th and 23rd respectively at the end of lap 2.

#43 Noah Viney.

By the 3rd lap, they were in some good battles and trying to move forward.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

At the flag it was Noah 9th and Sebastien 17th.

I spoke with #117 Easton Genest and he told me that after he pulled the holeshot in yesterday’s consi, his bike blew up and he was forced out.

#53 Bjorn Viney.

250 A moto 2 saw #53 Bjorn Viney up for his final race of the week. He got out to a 10th place start and went to work.

He ended up alone for a few laps but slowly closed in on the rider ahead of him in 9th but ran out of laps and took 10th.

#43 Noah Viney.

Mini Sr. 2 (13-15) had #43 Noah Viney and #161 Justin Burge in it. When I picked up the action, Noah was sitting in 9th and Justin was 17th on lap 2.

#161 Justin Burge.

With 2 laps to go, Noah was in 7th and in a good group. He slid out a bit and high-sided over a jump and hit the ground hard. He was down for a while but will be fine. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to remount and took a DNF.

Burge rode hard to the flag and took 14th.

#157 Ryder Snelgrove.

In 51 (4-8) young #157 Ryder Snelgrove was out on the track for his final time of the week. He came around on the last lap in 25th place.

#557 CHris Bruno.

Masters 55+ saw #557 Chris Bruno on the track for his last moto of the week, too. He was in 12th place with a couple laps to go and was riding pretty much on his own. There was a little group ahead but they were just out of reach for him and he rode it in.

#82 Earl May.

On the podium, #82 Earl May said, “If you can’t out run ‘em, out live ‘em!” Classic.

#2 John Camelio.

Then #2 Jack Camelio said, “I had to lose 45 pounds after seeing fat bastard Mike Treadwell!” More classic stuff.

#72 Crockett Myers and #402 Gage Linville.

Schoolboy 1 final moto was a really good one between #72 Crockett Myers, who pulled the holeshot, and #402 Gage Linville, who eventually made the pass stick and took the win.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove was back on the track for his 65 (7-9) final moto. He had trouble early and found himself fighting from the back of the pack. He didn’t give up and clawed his way forward and saw some action.

The battle out front between #930 Seth Dennis and #723 was a good one.

#117 Easton Genest.

#117 Easton Genest was out on the track for his final 450 C moto. He, too, had problems off the start and found himself way off the back early and just riding to the flag. Tough luck for the Saskatchewan rider.

#158 Ryder Snelgrove was back out quickly in his 65 (7-11) moto. He was quite a ways back in this one.

#18 Leith Ness.

Supermini 2 was the final race of the week and it had #18 Leith Ness in it. He was forced to a gate on the outside of the doghouse and had his hands full right from the drop of the gate.

He managed to work his way forward around the first turn and came around to complete lap 1 in around 20th place.

I stood with his dad in the mechanics area and we kept our eyes on him. He was 17th on lap 3 and then he didn’t come around for the final lap.

When he did finally come past, he was holding his left had in the air and not gripping the bars. We thought he’d fallen and hurt his hand or wrist. He didn’t give up and did the entire final lap with one hand.

When he came off the track to take the checkered flag, he immediately removed his glove to reveal a palm that looked like hamburger. It was a tough way to end the week, but he stayed out there and didn’t give up.

They managed to finish the very last race at 5:30, just as the sun was saying good night. I don’t know how they manage to do that every single year!

Wyn Kern came by the van and thanked me for covering the event and I told him he put on another top notch event. The numbers were up and we were both happy to see that and what it means for the health of the sport.

Until next year, see you at the races, Gatorback!

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See you at the races…